Welcome to Jules' Page!
Hi, I am Jules and I am very proud of my muscular physique.  I often catch the
eye of many people when I walk down the street.  The webmaster was certainly
impressed when he approached me with his camera.  At first I didn't know what
to think, but after I checked out the site, I knew I not only belonged, but I also
knew I was  a lot more muscular and stronger than most of the other girls.   As
you will see from the videos I did, I am proof that a woman can be strong,
muscular, and feminine at the same time!
32 minute Tryout Video*
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
32 minute Tryout Video*
6 minute Behind-the-Scenes Video**
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
use button below if you would like to purchase the Tryout Video ONLY
(without the Behind the Scenes Footage)
Jules Tryout Video w/Behind Scenes Footage
(Flexing, Armwrestling, Lift/Carry, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Scissoring, Abs Punching, and more!)
After meeting the wimpy webmaster on the street and then checking out the site, Jules shows up ready to impress for her VideoTeasing
Tryout.  Wimpy already knew about her incredible looking biceps, but what he soon learned was just how strong she really was.  First it was
Lift and Carry time with Jules cradling, piggybacking and tossing wimpy over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes!  Passing test after test
including bicep pull-down, mercy, arm-to-arm tug of war, abs punching, and more - all done with shocking ease while flexing throughout - it
was then time for wimpy to test her in armwrestling (or should we say be humiliated and totally destroyed by her incredible strength).   It was
Jules'  biceps that stole the show but it turned out that her muscular quads and calves did the most damage.  Before the amazing head
scissor scene, Jules gave Wimpy a taste of her leg strength by Leg pressing him and doing donkey calf raises with him on her back.  Still
needing to put her through the final test, Jules devastates wimpy's poor body and neck with some serious scissoring!

NOTE:  This video can also be purchased with OR without the Behind the Scenes footage.
BTS footage includes Lift and Carry preparation and also you can watch the precautions they took in order to ensure that Jules would not kill
Wimpy for real with her Leg scissors after they discovered her true strength!
*Tryout Video includes Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Arm Tug of War, Abs Punching, Scissoring, Flexing, Lift/Carry (piggyback, back-to-back,
cradle, leg press, ots, firemans, donkey calf raise)

**Behind-the-Scenes video shows how the Webmaster preps Jules for  Lift/Carry and Scissor portions of the Tryout video.
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Jules Fantasy Armwresting  Video
(with Bonus REAL Armwrestling match)
17 min 28 sec Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Watch as Wimpy tests Jules Bicep strength as she takes on his request for an Armwrestling match.  Jules is proud to show off her
biceps and poor Wimpy has no idea that he will soon be humiliated by Jules’ powerfully strong biceps. She gladly lets wimpy MEASURE
HER BICEPS and he is shocked to see just how large they are!!  Jules even allows Wimpy to get an advantage by giving him a lead and
then she only uses two fingers. Poor Wimpy continues to lose match after match; you’d think he’d know when to give up.
Included: 100% Real Arm-Wrestling Bonus!! Wimpy wants to see just how strong Jules is for REAL!  Wimpy tests Jules strength to see
just how much she can take. Wimpy is shocked to see just how strong Jules really is.
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