Welcome to Jacked Julie's Page!
Hi folks,  I'm a pro bodybuilder with a touch of southern charm. I work very
hard to build my strong body as I work out every day and I make sure to eat
right.  I have to say I've earned bragging rights as I'm the overall physique
winner from a national bodybuilding show. I love being strong and fit. I'm
proof that it's not a mans world although I always find men challenging my
strength in which I quickly prove that I not only look strong but that I'm
strong and powerful for real. Come watch my videos and my strength and
muscular physique will shock you as much as it did the webmaster!!
NEW! - Julie's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
with Mercy, Bicep Comparison and Bicep Pull-Down!
22 minute Flexing Armwrestling Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The webmaster is looking for his next model while at a bodybuilding show. He spots Julie, a drop dead gorgeous physique
competitor Flexing by the hotel pool. He knows that she'll be a favorite with the fans of VT. Julie happily agrees to do a video
shoot and she's more than glad to prove that her biceps are not just for show. Julie's biceps are hard as rocks and the
webmaster quickly realizes that she's super strong from the moment he "attempts" to take her on in an armwrestling match.
The webmaster realizes he's in trouble when her popping biceps don't budge. He tries right handed, left handed and breaks all
the rules when he uses two hands! Julie feels bad for him and even offers her TWO FINGERS to his entire TWO HANDS but her
kind gesture doesn't bring him any advantage. The webmaster thinks he has the advantage in a game of MERCY but he sadly
realizes that not even his game can help him score a win. The webmaster admits defeat and admits that Julie is indeed as
strong as she looks. Julie proudly shows off her physique including her washboard abs. The webmaster has seen many strong,
fit and feminine bodybuilders in his day, but Julie's strength and physique was truly very special!
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