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NEW! - KandyLegs Tryout Video
The Webmaster knew who she was the minute he laid eyes on Kandy Legs. This hard core bodybuilder wasn’t
sure at first if she wanted to take time away from her serious workout just to do a tryout. Everyone has to
take the “official” tryout. (even if that means getting crushed by one of the most famous bodybuilders.)  
Watch as she dominates and brings him more fear with each “little test” she takes.  Includes: BICEP
COMPARISON, MERCY, PIGGY-BACK with Squats, ARM-WRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, and his entire body against
her hand!!)  The SCISSOR TESTING (which she’s been eagerly waiting for) truly shows how she got the name
“Kandy Legs” In preparation for the test, he gets a sense of her TRUE leg strength. With a little pre-scissor
test he quickly sees they’ll need to use a “safe word” as his life will be in danger if they go too far. She
begins to slowly grip his neck with her monster quads but doesn’t take much of her powerful force take make
him chicken out and squeal in pain and fear. She’s not surprised she made the site and neither will you after
you watch this incredible video with the most incredible bodybuilder you’ve ever seen!!
24 minute Video (834MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
I’m Kandy Legs. Not much needed to say since my powerful muscles
speak for themselves. I love the energy and feeling I get from my
strength and never too proud to show it off. I’m tough on the outside
and also sensitive and kind to everyone I meet. It was a power trip
shooting with the webmaster and as soon as he recovers, I’ll take him
on again. I respect his stance that no-one gets a free pass to be a model
on the site but maybe next time, he’ll believe me when I tell him I’m more
than qualified to be on the site.
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Massive Biceps!  Massiver Quads!