Welcome to Karima's Page!
Hi, I'm Karima. I love to have fun and show my strength.
I am very glad to meet you all.
I hope you enjoy my video so I can return to do more for my fans.
10 min 18 sec Video
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The webmaster introduces a very pretty and fun woman named Karima. She's got a great personality to go along with her fit physique
and she's ready to prove she deserves a chance to be on the site. She's put through a VideoTeasing Lift and Carry Audition which
includes: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S and CRADLE Carries which she does with great
ease! She also passes the BICEP PULLDOWN like a pro and is ready for more. She confidently shows off her strength in a quick ARM
WRESTLING test as she easily takes the webmaster down Righty and Lefty while she smiles and even apologizes for taking him down.
NEW! - Karima's Lift and Carry Audition Video
w/Armwrestling and Bicep Pull-Down
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