Welcome to Karolina's Page
Hi, my name is Karolina. I'm a bikini fitness competitor and I love
what I do. Keeping fit and strong is my goal and I do this by
working out in the gym and eating right every day. I'm glad to
show off my physique and strength to the fans and I look
forward to doing more videos soon.
Karolina's Tryout Video w/Bonus
A fit, blonde beauty named Karolina grabs the webmaster's eye as she's working out and per the
webmaster's invitation, she shows up for a tryout excited and ready to be the next model on VideoTeasing.
She immediately gets changed into an incredibly sexy outfit which leaves the webmaster a bit speechless.
Her physique is not only amazing but she proves she's strong during tests which include:
Armwrestling (Righty & Lefty), Bicep Pull down, Mercy and Abs Punching, Lift & Carry, including: Piggy Back,
Back-to-Back, Over The shoulder, Fireman's, Leg press, and Cradle. Karolina's strong legs squeeze 120
pounds of pressure on a scale surpassing the webmaster's strength by a landslide. This is only a preview of
what he experiences while she scissors his head to the point of exhaustion. Watch Karolina's tryout video
and you'll see why there was no doubt she's perfect for the site. Welcome to VideoTeasing Karolina.
32 minute Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
--- Free Bonus ---
Karolina's Hi Res Flexing Video Bonus
Karolina FLEXES & POSES in a sexy outfit showing off her amazing jaw-dropping physique!!
She's perfect from head to toe. Watching this video will leave you speechless.  
4 min 30 sec Posing Video
FREE! (with purchase of Karolina's Tryout Video)
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Karolina's Bikini Posing and Armwrestle Fantasy Video in Hi-Res
w/Great POV Scenes!
Just when you thought you saw the best of Karolina during her tryout, she's back and anxious to show off her
pre-competition body that LITERALLY KNOCKED THE WEBMASTER OUT!!... as she will you too after you see her strut her
beautiful body wearing her sexy bikini and high heels in this video. She poses and shows off her perfect physique with
confidence while smiling and having fun . To top it off, she gladly takes on the webmaster's arm-wrestling challenge and
proves, once again, that she can take him down with her strength and attractiveness. They go righty, lefty, two-handed
and she even gives him the advantage of using her two fingers against his entire hand!! Her beauty is so distracting that
he loses all his senses and goes down without much of a fight.
12 min 47 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
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Speechless doesn't begin to describe how Karolina will make you feel after
watching her sexy bikini POV video!! She proves once again that she is literally a
real knockout as the webmaster faints each time he looks at her! Bet you wished
you were on the other end of the camera. Get a chance to experience her super
sexiness from a unique POV which will make your jaw drop!! To make you drool
some more, you'll experience just what the webmaster is going through as he
can't take his eyes off her sexy physique, leaving him weak in the knees as she
puts him down in an ARMWRESTLING match and GAME OF MERCY! She flexes
and poses with confidence in the sexiest, hottest bikini you've ever seen!!
Warning: This video will leave you very weak but wanting more!!
7 min 44 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Karolina's Hot Bikini POV Video
w/POV Mercy and POV Armwrestling
Karolina, beautiful and sexy as always,  returns to the VideoTeasing set to show off more of her
strength, beauty and  personality. She's eager to LIFT & CARRY the webmaster several ways
PIGGY BACK. Be sure to see this video and you'll be totally impressed with Karolina's amazing
strength. Goes to show, a gorgeous woman can have it all including sexiness, strength and more!!
Karolina's Lift and Carry Video
12 min 13 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Karolina's Scissor The Burglar Video
with a Behind the Scenes Opening
5 min 25 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Karolina is rudely awakened from her beauty nap by a no good intruder
who learns the hard way that being scissored by a strong beautiful
woman is a lot more painful than his life of crime. He tries to take her
television but Karolina doesn't let him get away with anything!! She holds
him tight with her strong legs as he squirms and pleads to be let go of
her tight grip. He begs to be let go but she shows him no mercy and
holds him between her legs until the authorites come!!)
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5 min 45 sec Video
NEW! - Karolina's Tease the Pizza Boy Video (POV)
Karolina doesn't have the cash to pay the pizza boy but she does
have something else to offer him -- and thats whats under her
buttoned up shirt - which is a view of her perfect body in the teeniest
of string bikinis that no pizza boy can resist looking at
5 min 6 sec Video
NEW! - Karolina's Proud of her Body Video
Karolina flexes, poses and proudly shows off her outrageous body in the
smallest of purple string bikinis.  You will not be able to look away as she
will totally mesmerize you!
3 min 28 sec Video
NEW! - Karolina's Purple Bikini Armwresling Video
Watch in awe as Karolina's bikini clad body takes down the webmaster in
armwrestling.  He never had a chance but at least she was nice enough to help
him off the floor with her bicep!
2 min 34 sec Video
NEW! - Karolina's Stare at me Video
Karolina know she's so hot in her Purple Bikini that you wont be able to
look away even though all she does in this video is file her nails
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Karolina's Purple Bikini Video Package
Get all 4 videos above for 15.95
NEW! - Karolina's Purple String Bikini Video Package
Get all 4 videos below for 15.95
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