Welcome to Kinetic Karri's Page!
Hi, I'm Karri. I'm full of energy and just can't sit still! I work out every day
and eat right. I'm flexible and athletic. I can be described as a feminine
tom-boy. I'm always getting admired for my physique, especially my biceps
and abs. It was so cool meeting the webmaster at a national show and I fit
in perfectly with his site. I love showing my strength and muscle while
keeping my feminine side in the spotlight also. Can't wait to keep making
new videos for my new and loyal fans.
Karri's Tryout Video w/Bonus!
Karri's a ball of energy with biceps and a physique that will knock your socks off! She's feminine and
strong and truly all that defines the amazing models on the site. She gave the webmaster a taste of her
strength at the nationals, but today she's ready for her official tryout and no doubt, impresses from the
start. She's not only gorgeous but proves she's strong during the ARM-WRESTLING test leaving Wimpy
exhausted! She handles the other tests like a pro including: MERCY, BICEP PULLDOWN, ARM-TO-ARM TUG
OF WAR, and ABS PUNCHING. Her strength truly shines with the Lifts & Carries including: PIGGY-BACK,
BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE, and LEG PRESS. The webmaster is speechless as her
quads squeeze a scale to an impressive number! She loves the feeling of squeezing with her quads and
surprises the webmaster and squeezes his head between her strong quads. She doesn't realize her own
strength and gets a bit carried away. Luckily he comes to - only to find this bicep beauty hovering over him
with confidence proudly knowing she made the site.
26 min 30 sec Tryout Video w/Bonus
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Karri's amazing biceps, abs and physique are highlighted in this HD
flexing video in the park
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Karri's HD Flexing Video in the Park
5 minute HD Flexing Video
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Karri's Bikini Contest Preparation Video
Karri's HD Bikini Flexing Video
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Karri's HD Bikini Armwrestling  Video!
Watch Karri go from a natural beauty to a super hot competition model. She shows her fans
each step she takes to add beauty and poise to her already beautiful face and figure. Her
competition bikini is a true winner as she shows it off while also flexing and posing her
competition moves in front of the mirror giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what the
judges will see during her routine. Get to meet Karri at a personal level as she invites you in and
shows you her secret preparation routine she does to be a true winner!
From head to toe Karri's body is  truly stunning!! Watch her strut and pose in her super sexy
competition bikini and heels. Her confidence exudes as she flexes her perfectly cut biceps in
the mirror along with her flat abs, toned glutes and super long legs in heels! Karri is definitely a
winner and you'll immediately see why she catches the judges eye as she shows off her
flexing,posing and super fun attitude in this awesome video
Karri's bikini peaks the webmaster's interest and he's feeling over confident that he can once and for all beat
her in an arm wrestling match. Watch as she proves him wrong, humiliating him as she shows that she is
truly strong even in her bikini and heels she's wearing right before her competition. Karri celebrates by doing
victorious flexing and posing showing off her truly amazing strong biceps and sexy and fit physique.
44 min 51 sec Competition Prep & Flexing  Video
10 min 27 sec HD Bikini Flexing Video
2 min 5 sec HD Bikini Armwrestling Bonus Video
FREE! (with purchase of Karri's Bikini Contest Prep and
Flexing Package)
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Karri's Bikini Contest Prep and Flexing Package
Get BOTH videos below and Armwrestling Bonus for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment  
Karri's Bikini Contest Prep and Flexing Package
Get BOTH videos below and Armwrestling Bonus for $29.95
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19 min 18 sec Armwrestling/Flexing Video
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Karri's energy is through the roof as she meets and accepts the webmaster's
challenge to arm wrestle him and flex for the site. She's truly a free spirit with
biceps and abs that will make your jaw drop. Watch as she flexes and pops her
biceps with a smile that never quits. She also enjoys using her never ending
energy and strength to take the webmaster on in arm wrestling.  She's shows that
she's the total package as her and Megan Jones have a little girl fun lifting and
carrying one another.  It's obvious from the start that not only is Karri a beauty,
she's got it all with amazing biceps, great strength and amazing energy!
Karri's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
with G/G Lift Carry
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See how Karri was recruited at an NPC fitness Show!
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Karri's Behind the Scenes Video Package
Get BOTH videos below for $12.95
Karri's Behind the Scenes Video Package
Get BOTH videos above for $12.95
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Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment  
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4 min 32 sec HD Video
9 min 21 sec  Video
Go behind the scenes with Karri as the webmaster prepares her for real for her
VideoTeasing Tryout video. He needs to get an idea of her true strength to know
where her limits are by doing ABS PUNCHING, LIFT & CARRY (including: Piggy Back,
Back-to-Back Piggy Back, Over The Shoulder, Cradle, and Leg Press). Karri shows
off her strength after a quick dumbbell curling contest with the webmaster and
keeps smiling the entire time. She also outshines him squeezing a scale with her
thighs and certainly enjoys proving just how strong and ready she is for her tryout.
Get a sneak peak look of Karri's great confidence showing off her amazing strength
and physique in preparation for her amazing tryout!  
Just when you think you've seen Karri at her best, she does
some of her best flexes/poses in this HD video. Go behind the
scenes as she pumps her amazing biceps and flexes her muscles
in a way that will take your breath away! She has fun showing off
her perfectly cut physique including her biceps and washboard
abs. After you watch this video you will no doubt see why she is a
VideoTeasing fan favorite!
Karri's BTS of Tryout Video
Karri's BTS HD Flexing Video