Welcome to Killer Kathy's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Kathy and my muscles usually make people stop in their
tracks!  So glad the wimpy webmaster found me on a hotel escalator as
this is such a cool site for me to show off my muscle and strength! I'm a
national bodybuilding competitor and being feminine strong and built is
certainly a winning combination. I'm so excited to be on the site and to
have fun showcasing my strength, muscle and of course, my fun side.
NEW! - Kathy's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
Kathy's huge biceps and competitor physique grab the webmasters attention at a national bodybuilding show.
Her biceps are some of the biggest ever seen and without a doubt, she earned herself a place on VT from the
moment the webmaster discovered her. She proudly does some BICEP FLEXING and shows off some of the most
AMAZING QUADS you'll ever see, and even encourages the webmaster to  punch her abs proving just how solid
her physique is! The  webmasters curiosity gets the best of him after his "so-called biceps" disappear next to
hers during a measure and comparison.  He quickly begins to realize that Kathy's biceps are super strong when
they don't budge during BICEP PULLDOWN.  Being that she's too good to be true,  he challenges her to an
armwrestling match.  From the start, she gets control and no matter how hard he tries, can't put her monster
biceps down! They go righty, lefty, two-handed but he can't catch a break proving that Kathy's body and biceps
are the real deal!  100% REAL Armwrestling Scene at the end.
19 min 20 sec Video
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