Welcome to the Page of Katie Kleavage!
Katie's Tryout Video 1
(Armwrestling, Scissor and first ever Chest Tease!)
26 minute Tryout Video 1
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Hi, I'm Katie and I've always believed women to be the stronger sex.  
For me personally, I love to physically dominate men with my
strength and psychologically control men with my body.  Its amazing,
but when you have cleavage like mine, you can get guys to do almost
anything you want!  I've always been a fan of VideoTeasing and now
its a real honor for me to be a model on the site.
After seeing Katie's audition video (which you will see as the first 2 minutes of this video), the webmaster had to pay Katie a visit to see if she
was the real deal.  Before they got into the strength tests, Katie had an idea of her own - to do the first ever chest tease on VideoTeasing.  After
that, the wimpy webmaster, in a weakened state already (from being hypnotized by her chest) was totally dominated in armwrestling by the
busty powerhouse.  In the middle of everything, Katie's boyfriend walks in and laughs at whats going on - BIG Mistake! Katie then takes her
more muscular boyfriend on to show that her strength is real. The video then takes an unexpected and dramatic turn when the boyfriend won't
worship Katie and admit that she is stronger.  Katie throws her boyfriend between her legs and starts scissoring the hell out of him forcing him
to submit and to eventually say everything she wants him to say.  Katie passed the Tryout (as if there was any doubt)!
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Katie's Strength Games Video
(Game of Mercy, Bicep Pull-Down, Arm-to-Arm Tug of War, Lift and Carry, and more!)
9 min 37 sec Strength Games Video
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The Wimpy Webmaster calls Katie back to go through some of the Strength tests that she didn't do in her
Tryout video to really see if she could be a VideoTeasing girl. In this video, you will see Busty Katie Lift and
Carry Wimpy on her back, Cradle him, and Leg Press him.  In addition, Katie will also show how strong she
is in the Game of Mercy, Arm to Arm Tug of War, and Bicep Pull-down Challenge.  Katie performs all her
tests with ease while still flaunting her assets in Wimpy's face.  A must see for all Katie fans!!
Katie's Schoolgirl Tease Video in Hi Res
7 min 35 sec Tease Video
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See Katie as the Sexy Schoolgirl and then as a Sexy Referee calling penalties for sinful thoughts.  
2 of the hottest outfits you'll ever as Katie does one of the best Tease videos ever done.
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