Welcome to Katrina's Page!
Hi fans. I'm Katrina. I'm a naturalist and love
working outdoors in the fresh air. I do a lot to keep
in great shape including martial arts and partner
acrobatics. I've always been confident about my
physique and strength and just love proving
women can, in fact, be stronger than the men in
everything they do! I'm sure you'll be impressed
with my strength and be drawn in by my warm
personality. Looking forward to making a lot of
fans on the site and doing many videos for you.
Katrina is at the park keeping fit and strong when the webmaster runs into her. He's impressed with her
strength while she does pull-ups and push ups with ease. She does a little bicep flexing and impressively
they don't budge during a quick bicep pull-down test. She immediately shows she's up for the challenge to
see if she's ready to be a VideoTeasing.com model and does great during tests of: LIFT & CARRY, including:
piggy back, back-to-back, over the shoulder, fireman's and  leg press. Her strength is impressive as she even
Dead Lifts the webmaster for a split second!.  Katrina is definitely impressive. Watch this video to see how
she earned herself an invitation to return to headquarters to show off more of her strength.
NEW! - Katrina's Lift & Carry Audition Video
15 minute  26 sec Lift and Carry Video
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Katrina was impressive at the park and now she's ready to show off more of her strength during a full tryout.
She's up for any challenge, especially the LIFT & CARRIES which she makes look easy including: A one
legged Leg Press, Back to Back, Over The Shoulder, Fireman's and ones she didn't get to do at the  park
including: Cradle and Donkey Calf Raises with the 180 pound webmaster the on her back!!
She enjoys showing off her strength as she arm wrestles and humiliates the webmaster putting him down:
Righty/Lefty/using only Two-Fingers and even while he cheats using two hands. After these tests the only
one exhausted is the webmaster and Katrina is ready for more including: Bicep Pull down, Mercy, Tug Of War
and Abs Punching all while wearing her sexy high heels. Katrina is certainly on a roll and after mastering all
challenges, she reminds the webmaster that it's time to put her through one test of her leg strength. She
requests to put him in a scissor hold as he does with all the other models. He agrees and before he knows it,
she's got her strong legs wrapped around his torso and then she head scissors him to the point he can't
take it anymore. As he groggily comes to, Katrina proudly flexes and poses over his limp body.
NEW! - Katrina's Tryout Video
includes Lift/Carry, Armwrestling, Mercy, Abs Punching, Scissorholds, Flexing and more!
30 minute  39 sec Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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