Welcome to Kay the Jamaican Powerhouse's Page!
Hi, I'm Kay and I wasn't sure what to think when this wimpy guy came up
to me in the park and asked if I could lift him.  He said he wanted to see if
I was strong enough to be on his website.  I think I showed him that he
should never underestimate the power of a Jamaican woman!  I'm proud
of my country and I'm proud of my strength!
NEW! - Kay's Lift and Carry Tryout Video
15 minute Lift and Carry Tryout Video
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The wimpy webmaster decides to stroll through a park today in an attempt to find a woman who can lift and carry him.  He runs into
Kay, a Jamaican woman, who he asks to take his challenge.  Gives him a weird look at first but then obliges as she lifts and carries
him around the park.  Piggyback, Back-to-back Piggyback, Front Cradle, OTS, and Firemans - all done with ease and a sense of great
pride and enjoyment.  So impressed was the webmaster, he then needed to test her arm strength with a little armwrestling and bicep
mercy.  This is when Kay really had some fun with poor Wimpy!
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