Welcome to Goddess Kaya's Page!
Hi, I'm Anais Kaya, but you can just call me Goddess Kaya.  I have trained
superpowers that I will only use for good.  I promise.  I have a body and
personality that seems to mesmerize people.  My soothing voice and magical
fit body will relax you and make you feel better than you have ever felt before.  
Give it a shot and see what happens!
11 min 21 sec Auditon Video
3 min 21 sec Leg Mesmerization Video
3 min 18 sec Chest Mesmerization Video
5 min 15 sec Bicep Mesmerization Video
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Watch Goddess Kaya's VideoTeasing Auditon Video along with 3 other very special videos.  One were she
mesmerizes you with her bouncing biceps.  A second where she mesmerizes you with her magical chest
and a third where she mesmerizes you with her captivating legs!
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