Welcome to IFBB Bikini Pro Kayla Le's Page!
Kayla's Flexing and Armwrestling Video
Kayla, a bikini pro catches the webmaster's attention while recruiting at the Tampa Pro show. Her amazing physique
certainly deserves praise! She's beautiful with unbelievable biceps that are truly amazing. Her physique is in top notch
shape to go along with her perfect smile and warm personality. Kayla gives the webmaster a taste of her strength
during this mini tryout. She easily handles any strength challenge thrown her way including: ARMWRESTLING, MERCY
& BICEP PULLDOWN. She graces us as she FLEXES her shockingly peaked biceps and physique which is absolutely
perfect!! Watch her video and you'll be an instant fan of this beautiful bikini pro.
15 minute video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Hi All, nice to meet you. I'm a bikini pro. I eat clean and work out to
keep my body in peak condition. I'm proud to show off my strength
and  that women can have muscle while keeping their feminine
physique. I had a blast arm wrestling the webmaster and hope to do
more videos for my new fans soon.
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