Welcome to Kelli Krunch's Page!
Hi, I'm Kelli AKA "Kelli Krunch".   I got my nickname from having strong,
muscular Quads. My Biceps are muscular also and I get many people
asking me how I get my physique. I've always been athletic and just love
fitness!! My idea of fun is carrying my friends on my back uphill and just
enjoying the challenge of pushing myself harder each time!!  My outgoing
personality along with my passion to inspire and help others in the fitness
industry has brought me much joy. I'm so glad to express myself and can't
wait to do many videos for the fans of the site.
Kelli's Tryout Video in Hi-Res!
Includes: Armwrestling, Scissorhold, Mercy, Flexing, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry (including Waist High DEAD LIFT!)
Meet Kelli, a beautiful, strong and fit recruit. She certainly fits the bill for the site and she proves it during her tryout. Her physique is
amazing from head to toe and her BICEPS, QUADS and ABS are truly impressive and strong. She immediately shows her stamina with the
BICPEP PULLDOWN test which she handles with ease proving she's ready for anything thrown her way. Her strength really shines with the
Lift and Carry portion of her testing including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S and the most impressive,
waist high-DEAD LIFTS without losing an ounce of energy!! Her biceps are put to the test in ARM WRESTLING where she easily takes the
Webmaster on Righty, Lefty and her two fingers against his entire hand!! Even his cheating (using two hands against her one hand) doesn't
phase her as she proves she can take him on like a pro!! The Webmaster's attempt to gain his ego back fails as she puts him down, while
wearing her high heels, during a game of MERCY. She shows off her amazing physique during ABS PUNCHING where the only thing that
gets hurt is the Webmaster's hand! She's put to the final test while he ignores her warning that her Quads are her strongest body part and
can be lethal! He insists on moving forward and she SCISSORS his neck a little more than his weak body can handle. Upon coming to, he
sees Kelli's beauty as she confidently celebrates making the site. Watch this terrific video and you'll see why she's called "Kelli Krunch".
You'll certainly be impressed with her tremendous strength, great physique, amazing beauty, fun & sweet personality and much more!!
28 minutes Video (1GB)
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NEW! - Kelli's Behind the Scenes Video
NEW! - Kelli's Extras Video
Kelli learns the ropes as she gives the webmaster an idea of her
amazing level of fitness and strength in preparation for her tryout
STRENGTH  warm-up tests, Kelli handles more tests with ease
including: SCISSORING (to determine how much she can squeeze
for real without harming the webmaster), AB'S PUNCHING, LIFT AND
to prove she's more than ready with her super impressive strength,
amazing physique and fun-outgoing personality.
Kelli's not done impressing the webmaster and her fans. She takes his
arm wrestling re-match challenge in her bikini and heels, making it just
a bit more difficult for the webmaster to focus as she's declared the
winner again giving well-deserved victory poses and flexing. She also
looks fantastic as she selfie poses in her athletic fitness outfit showing
off her great physique including biceps, quads,  and abs. She later
goes all out with REAL ARM WRESTLING up against the Webmaster
where she shows her bicep strength is pretty darn impressive!!  
Saving the best for last, she DEAD LIFTS the Webmaster two times in a
row...Wow!!! The most amazing grand-finale you'll ever see!!
12 min 30 sec  Video (410MB)
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13 min 28 sec  Video (500MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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