Welcome to Kelli Krunch's Page!
Hi, I'm Kelli AKA "Kelli Krunch".   I got my nickname from having strong,
muscular Quads. My Biceps are muscular also and I get many people
asking me how I get my physique. I've always been athletic and just love
fitness!! My idea of fun is carrying my friends on my back uphill and just
enjoying the challenge of pushing myself harder each time!!  My outgoing
personality along with my passion to inspire and help others in the fitness
industry has brought me much joy. I'm so glad to express myself and can't
wait to do many videos for the fans of the site.
Kelli's Tryout Video in Hi-Res!
Includes: Armwrestling, Scissorhold, Mercy, Flexing, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry (including Waist High DEAD LIFT!)
Meet Kelli, a beautiful, strong and fit recruit. She certainly fits the bill for the site and she proves it during her tryout. Her physique is
amazing from head to toe and her BICEPS, QUADS and ABS are truly impressive and strong. She immediately shows her stamina with the
BICPEP PULLDOWN test which she handles with ease proving she's ready for anything thrown her way. Her strength really shines with the
Lift and Carry portion of her testing including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S and the most impressive,
waist high-DEAD LIFTS without losing an ounce of energy!! Her biceps are put to the test in ARM WRESTLING where she easily takes the
Webmaster on Righty, Lefty and her two fingers against his entire hand!! Even his cheating (using two hands against her one hand) doesn't
phase her as she proves she can take him on like a pro!! The Webmaster's attempt to gain his ego back fails as she puts him down, while
wearing her high heels, during a game of MERCY. She shows off her amazing physique during ABS PUNCHING where the only thing that
gets hurt is the Webmaster's hand! She's put to the final test while he ignores her warning that her Quads are her strongest body part and
can be lethal! He insists on moving forward and she SCISSORS his neck a little more than his weak body can handle. Upon coming to, he
sees Kelli's beauty as she confidently celebrates making the site. Watch this terrific video and you'll see why she's called "Kelli Krunch".
You'll certainly be impressed with her tremendous strength, great physique, amazing beauty, fun & sweet personality and much more!!
28 minutes Video (1GB)
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Kelli's Behind the Scenes Video
Kelli's Extras Video
Kelli learns the ropes as she gives the webmaster an idea of her
amazing level of fitness and strength in preparation for her tryout
STRENGTH  warm-up tests, Kelli handles more tests with ease
including: SCISSORING (to determine how much she can squeeze
for real without harming the webmaster), AB'S PUNCHING, LIFT AND
to prove she's more than ready with her super impressive strength,
amazing physique and fun-outgoing personality.
Kelli's not done impressing the webmaster and her fans. She takes his
arm wrestling re-match challenge in her bikini and heels, making it just
a bit more difficult for the webmaster to focus as she's declared the
winner again giving well-deserved victory poses and flexing. She also
looks fantastic as she selfie poses in her athletic fitness outfit showing
off her great physique including biceps, quads,  and abs. She later
goes all out with REAL ARM WRESTLING up against the Webmaster
where she shows her bicep strength is pretty darn impressive!!  
Saving the best for last, she DEAD LIFTS the Webmaster two times in a
row...Wow!!! The most amazing grand-finale you'll ever see!!
12 min 30 sec  Video (410MB)
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13 min 28 sec  Video (500MB)
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Oh My!! Her Biceps are growing by the minute!! No, they're not implants....her
biceps are just that amazing!! This terrific video is dedicated to Kelli's
jaw-dropping biceps. Watch them grow and get measured prior to and after she
pumps them up by having fun doing a comparison to the Webmaster's arms.
After doing DUMBELL CURLING,  Kelli's Biceps grow by an impressive amount!!
(Can't exactly say the same for the Webmaster)  She continues to have fun as
her biceps take on a life of their own as the muscle moves up and down and
pops with every move she makes. She continues to show off her strength with
ease with challenges that pump up her biceps even more, including: BICEP
PULLDOWN, ARM-WRESTLING (Righty, Lefty and her one hand against the
Webmaster's two hands) Not even the Webmaster's full body weight can take
her down!! Kelli's put to a surprise challenge and shocks the webmaster (as she
will you) by CRUSHING AN APPLE with the bare strength of her Bicep and Hand!!!
Wow is the only word to describe her and her amazing strength!! With her
strong biceps, quads of steel and super amazing physique from head to toe,
and fun, outgoing personality, she's surely a winner and a fan favorite!!
Kelli's back and ready to show off more of her super impressive strength and
physique. Her biceps are bigger than ever, accompanied by her monster
quads, which you'll clearly be in awe of throughout this amazing video!! She's
wearing her sporty yoga form-fitted pants (and wait till you see how her
SQUATS look in those pants!). Full of energy, she shocks the webmaster from
the get-go by DEAD LIFTING him not once, not twice, but THREE reps in a row!!!
Yes....Three DEAD LIFTS!! She's pumped and ready for more lifts including:
BACK-TO-BACK and CALF RAISES with the Webmaster on her back, revealing
the most amazing calves ever!! She's truly the definition of fit and strong and
will wow you more than you can ever imagine!!
18 min 17 sec  Video (710MB)
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16 minute  Video (593MB)
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Kelli's Bicep Pump, Measure, Flex, and
Crush Video
Kelli's Lift and Carry in Yoga Pants Video
(Featuring 3 180lb Human Dead Lifts in a Row!)
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Kelli's Flex and Armwrestle in a Dress Video
Kelli's BTS Scissor the Burglar Video
Who's that gorgeous gal in the hot dress with the amazing muscle? Kelli
shows up and wows the webmaster in her amazing outfit and muscle to
match!! Don't let her sweet smile fool you. She's strong and ready to use
those bicep babies to put the webmaster down AGAIN in an ARMWRESTLING
rematch!! Lefty, Righty, his TWO hands and despite his efforts, Kelli takes
him down without any effort at all! He tries redeeming himself in MERCY and
BICEP PULLDOWN but this beauty in sexy high heels shows him she's a
powerhouse with strength that can't be beat. She's stronger than ever
which you'll certainly see as she goes head to head with the webmaster and
she's proud to flex and pose, showing off her outstanding muscle including
her biceps and quads which will make you speechless!!
12 minute Video (457MB)
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12 min  38 sec  Video (497MB)
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Crime never pays and itís a lesson learned the hard way for this thief who
likes to take TVís from muscular cute girls who are sleeping in their
bikinis. He never had a chance as she took him down as he begged for
mercy while she puts him in a choke hold with her biceps and scissors him
into submission with her strong powerful quads.  After she disposes of
this lowlife, she does a sexy squat workout in her bikini and heels!
We take you behind the scenes throughout the video as we left all the
Raw Footage in so you can see Director Wimpy in action!
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Kelli's Lift and Carry Video 2
Lift & Carry Champion of VideoTeasing, Kelli Krunch is back to do another
fantastic LIFT and CARRY video for her fans. She's ready to once again to
show that she's the best of the rest! She shocks us all from the start by
beating her own record and DEAD LIFTS the Webmaster FIVE times in a row!!!
Even after her record breaking feat of strength, she's full of energy and lifts
the webmaster several other ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
FIREMAN'S (while doing squats), OVER-THE-SHOULDER (while doing squats),
and LEG PRESS. The Webmaster proves he's a real wimp as he's too scared
to ride her shoulders although it's completely obvious she can easily do it
leaving her eager to do the challenge. Maybe he'll get the courage in the
future....or a brave individual will volunteer and take his place next time.  
She's got it all....amazing strength (with tremendous Biceps and Quads),
terrific, fun personality, beauty and energy that goes for days. After watching
this super video, you'll see why Kelli is loved by all her fans.
18 min 45 sec Video (703MB)
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Kelli's Close-up Bicep and Quad Video
Kelli graces us with amazing close-up BICEP and QUAD Flexing.  This is
muscle which has grown since the last time you saw her. Hard to improve
on an already perfect physique but Kelli certainly has done it!! Go ahead
guys....admire and drool!!  
As an intro to this video, she shows that she can knock out a Burglar by
smashing his head into her Bulging Bicep and Monster Quad Muscles!
(Also, catch a behind the scene moment where Kelli was too eager and
wanted to put him in a Scissor hold but he was too afraid for real after
remembering what she put him through during her Scissor video!!)
10 minute Video (344MB)
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Kelli and Kalli Lift Each Other Video
Kellie Krunch and Kalli Krush return to show off their TRUE strength. They are strong from head to
toe and especially strong from their strong quads and core!! Watch as they show off LIFTING AND
CARRYING each other several ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER,
FIREMAN'S, CRADLE, and LEG PRESS. Also includes truly jaw-dropping lifts including: SHOULDER RIDE
and DEAD LIFTS!! Watch this amazing video and join in on the fun with these strong women as they
show off their power and amazing strength!!
13 min  41 sec Video (534MB)
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Kelli's Workout Instruction Video
How does she get such a great insane physique? Finally find out as Kelli
Krunch shows you her workout secrets to how she has the best body ever!!
She demonstrates her workout routine, highlighting her amazing QUADS,
ABS and strong BICEPS!! Get a special look at how she builds and
strengthens her body from head to toe!! She's generous in showing the
fans how they too, can increase their core strength, muscle and stamina
from watching one of the best fit models on the site!! Kelli Krunch is the
best motivation you'll ever need as you join her along her workout while
enjoying every moment with this amazingly strong woman and a fan favorite!!
8 min  45 sec Video (331MB)
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Kelli's DeadLift and more Video
Kellie Krunch gives all her fans the pleasure of returning to do another awesome
video. She's back to show off her favorite moves, especially her favorite....the DEAD
LIFT!! Not only does she keep up with her amazing record, she breaks it and DEAD
LIFTS the Webmaster for 15 full seconds with great ease!! Still full of energy, she lifts,
the Webmaster several other ways including: FIREMAN'S and OVER-THE-SHOULDER
(while squatting him), PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, and then she impresses with a
DEAD LIFT that is truly jaw-dropping while setting another record by squatting him six
times in a row!! OMG....She's truly amazing. This video will surely make you speechless
11 min  34 sec Video (442MB)
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8 min 30 sec Video ( 295 MB)
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5 min  41 sec Video (216 MB)
Only available if Package is Purchased
Kelli is in her fitness mode as she shows how she gets her body in peak
performance shape. Join her as she goes through her training routine while the
Webmaster tries to follow along. She does several exercises with great ease and
confidence. While her energy builds, his fades. Poor guy....he tries but just can't
keep up with this amazingly fit beauty. Ready to take her workout to the next level,
Kelli successfully LIFTS AND CARRIES the Webmaster several ways, where the
Webmaster fails to lift her. Includes: DEADLIFT,  OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S,
CRADLE, PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK and Leg Press!! Watch this amazing video
and you'll immediately pick up Kelli's amazing endless energy as she impresses us
all with her stamina, energy and perfectly fit physique!!
Kelli's Training and Lift Competition Video
21 min   45 sec Video ( 811 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Kelli hangs out while waiting for the Webmaster. Nothing like spare time for
her to PUMP and FLEX her amazing, strong and hard biceps!! She admires
her hard work as she shows how her biceps have grown since her last visit
to VideoTeasing headquarters. Watch them pop with each squeeze!! Up and
down....each curl brings out her muscle. Her QUADS are a major highlight ,
not to be missed as she shows off their terrific definition. Whether pumping
a dumbbell or flexing while on her phone in her sexy dress and heels,  she
is certainly one of the most impressive models with her jaw-dropping
biceps, beauty and strength!!
Kelli's Flex while Waiting Video
Kelli is challenged to a SCISSOR HOLD competition......yes, you read that correctly!! Surely you can guess
where this story goes but you don't want to miss seeing how the Webmaster gets himself into trouble
once again as he comes across Kelli's super strong QUAD muscles!! She gets a bit distracted on her
phone and completely forgets she's got her strong legs wrapped around the Webmaster's neck,
ignoring his taps. OOPS!! Lesson learned....texting and Scissoring are a dangerous
combination....especially if you're the amazing and strong Kelli Krunch!!
FREE BONUS! - Kelli's Don't Text and Scissor Video
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Kelli's Special Video Package
Get all 4 videos above for
Kelli returns with a bang, wearing a hot bikini which shows off her awesomely fit physique!! She's up for the Webmaster's
ARMWRESTLING challenge and more confident than ever that she'll show him how it's done!! They go Righty, Lefty, his
Two-Hands against her One-Hand. She really shows off her strength as she does dumbbell curls in the middle of the match!!
Her biceps grow right in front of his eyes as she takes him down without ever losing her amazing strength or cute smile!!
Unhappy to lose, the webmaster challenges Kelli to several matches....all different ways (including: sitting, standing and laying
on the floor) but her strength out-powers his every time!! He throws in the newest Bicep Straighten out and Pull-Down tests
and MERCY which she handles like a pro, while in her heels!! Once again, Kelli proves she's the best of the best as she
victoriously flexes and poses, reminding us all why she's certainly worthy of being a VidoeTeasing fan favorite!!
18 min   7 sec Video (710 MB)
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Kelli's Bikini Arm Wrestling Video
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Kelli's CrossKrunch Challenge!
(Lift and Carries, Armwresting, and Scissorholds galore!)
Knowing Kelli is a crossfit athlete, the Webmaster comes up with his own crossfit challenge designed
specifically for Kelli Krunch that combines Scissorholds, Armwrestling, and Lift and Carries.  In a rigorous test
of Strength and Endurance,  Kelli must Lift Wimpy 5 different ways (Piggy, OTS, Cradle, Leg Press, Deadlift),
then proceed to make him tap out 5 times in a row to her scissor squeeze, then proceed to defeat him 5 times
in a row armwrestling with each arm! And if that wasn't enough she has to keep repeating the entire process
again of Lift, Scissor, and Armwrestle until she can't do anymore.  Well surprise surprise, the only one who's
utterly exhausted at the end of this video is poor Wimpy which at least gave Kelli the opportunity to Flex,
Pose, do some dumbell curls and show off her amazingly new fit look and physique!
20 min  41 sec Video (822MB) mp4 format
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