Welcome to Kendra Allure's Page!
Hi, I'm Kendra Allure but most men just call me Goddess!  I've been a fan
of the Wimpy Webmaster for years so when I saw him at a Fitness Show
I knew that was my opportunity to become a VideoTeasing model!  To
tell you the truth, his Armwrestling and Lift/Carry tests were a bit of a
joke as he was no match for my Amazonian Strength as I have lifted men
almost twice his size!  And did I mention I'm over SIX FEET TALL!
Kendra's Mini-Tryout Video
The Webmaster is back to the swing of things, recruiting at a Pro Show. To his surprise, an admirer of his work (and hopeful
model) named Kendra Allure approaches him in hopes of showing him (and all the fans) that she’s deserving of earning
herself a place on VideoTeasing. Her confidence is through the roof, followed by a super show of her stamina and strength.
Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, ARMWRESTLING (righty, lefty and his two hands against her one hand), LIFT & CARRIES (Cradle,
Piggy-Back, Back-To-Back, Over-The-Shoulder, Fireman’s and a super impressive Deadlift!!)  
This is just the tip of the iceberg in uncovering Kendra Allures strength and talents. You’ll surely enjoy this video and you’ll
quickly see why we can’t wait to do more with her in the future.
17 min 16 sec Video (652MB) mp4 format
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Today’s a lucky day for the webmaster and all the fans!! Kendra returns to show off her powerhouse
strength by LIFTING and CARRYING the webmaster with the greatest of ease!! But first, they do a quick
muscle comparison where her thighs and biceps eclipse his in an instant!! She’s energized and ready to
go!! Includes: PIGGY-BACK (which he holds on for dear life onto her tall physique as he sits on her “built
in” seat), BACK-TO-BACK (which energizes her even more), OVER-THE-SHOULDER and FIREMAN’S (where
she takes charge as he’s a featherweight for her!! leaving her questioning why he’s the only one out of
breath), DEADLIFT (where she not only lifts him but she actually holds him up in the air for five-full
seconds, without any effort at all!!), LEG PRESS (as he hovers over her in the air, feeling the power of her
amazing strength). Full of energy, she does more including: FRONT PIGGY-BACK and SIDE-CRADLE which
goes above and beyond Kendra showing that her strength is beyond incredible!!
Kendra's Lift and Carry Video
15 min 35 sec Video (551MB) mp4 format
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Hey little man.....she catches YOU admiring her tall, strong physique and
quickly LIFTS YOU up as you lose your breath!! Feel her strength and
confidence because you’re just a feather in her strong arms!! Enjoy the
ride because it’s a once in a lifetime dream come true.
Goddess Kendra Allure makes an amazing appearance with her tall, sexy and strong body. From
her biceps, glutes, legs and quads and calves, there’s endless ways to admire her beauty and
impressive physique!!  She flexes and poses her BICEPS, (which don’t budge when being pulled
on) for all to admire. She then and shows off what she’s most proud of, her super strong QUADS,
in which the Webmaster gets himself caught between, as she shows how strong they truly are
during a SCISSOR HOLD demonstration of her strength. She laughs while he struggles realizing
the only way out is to admit she’s got the strongest grip he’s ever felt!! Bow down to this
beautiful, strong Goddess....she’s certainly worthy of the fans admiration!!
Kendra Lifts YOU!  (POV)
NEW! - Kendra's Flex and Scissor Video w/POV Lift Bonus
13 min 47 sec Video (533MB) mp4 format
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4 min 4 sec Video (161MB) mp4 format
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