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NEW! - Kendra Heart's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Lift/Carries, Scissorholds, and lots more!)
The webmaster meets one of the sweetest models (working out in the gym) with a physique and
biceps to match. Her smile is amazing and her strength is awesome too!! Sheís a great sport and
very eager for a tryout. A BTS practice turns out so great that it morphs into her actual tryout.   
Her energy is contagious and most impressive with all that she can do!! Includes: ABS PUNCHING,
Firemanís, Over-The-Shoulder, Cradle Curl, Leg-Press) SCISSORING (the Webmasterís body and
neck where she is kind enough to ease up when he canít handle the pressure of her strength).
More energized than ever, she handles ARM-WRESTLING like a champ, while also weakening the
Webmaster by flaunting and teasing her feminine physique in front of him. They go Righty, Lefty,
as her strength powers through his desperate cheating attempts. She throws in jaw-dropping
glute and pec flexing and more, including proudly victory posing over the Webmasterís
exhausted body, leaving no doubt that sheís a true VT model!!
37 min 16 sec Video (1.33GB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi, Iím Kendra Heart. I am a fitness model, athlete, and adult film star who
plays ice hockey, soccer and flag football. Iím pretty fit all over and most
proud of my lower-body strength. Iím outgoing and love to have fun.
What you may be surprised to learn about, is that I have a bit of a
naughty side which made an appearance during my tryout video. I had a
great time hanging with Wimpy and canít wait to do more in the future.
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