Welcome to Kerasmatic Kera's Page!
Hi, I'm Kera. I'm a healer and owner of my own healing
clinic where I specialize in wellness. I love helping
others feel their best and seeing them get better makes
my day!! I had a great time with the Webmaster. I had
more energy after my tryout knowing that I did great and
besides showing him that I have the muscle, strength
and physique to fit right into the site, I also used my
special skills and showed him a few things to help him
feel more energized also!!
NEW! - Kera's Tryout Video in Hi-Res!
Includes: Armwrestling, Scissorhold, Mercy, Flexing, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry and DEAD LIFT!)
Kera is fit and attractive and here for her audition. She looks like she is in great shape and she's ready to show she is qualified to be
a model on the site. She's outgoing, confident and friendly and proves herself with all the tests thrown her way. Includes:
ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, and even the Webmaster's Two-Hands against her One-Hand). BICEP PULLDOWN & MERCY where
she had endless strength and energy!! She was ready for more as she left the Webmaster in the dust during a Dumbbell Curling
Contest and went further and impressed as she showed her grip strength in comparison to the Webmaster measured with a
dynamometer. She continued to impress with the Lift & Carries including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER,
CRADLE, LEG PRESS and DEAD LIFT!! As if she didn't already prove herself, she handles the ABS PUNCHING like a pro and never
loses her smile!! The tryout was going so well but towards the end, she makes the Webmaster say the "safe word" for REAL during
the SCISSORING portion of the tryout when she forgets not to use her full strength while squeezing his body and neck leading to a
little glimpse in how the webmaster RISKS HIS LIFE each time he shoots a video with a model as strong and fit as Kera!! Be sure to
watch this incredible video from start to finish to see how the strong, beautiful and fun Kera made the site!!
34 min 15 sec Video (1.24GB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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