Welcome to Kick-Ass Kimberly's Page!
Hi, I'm Kickass Kimberly and I love to have my biceps touched, kissed, and stared
at.  I pack a lot of power into my small frame and I love showing guys who
under-estimate my strength and abilities what I can do to them whether it is
defeating them in Arm wrestling or Lifting and Carrying them with the greatest of
ease.  Thanks also to my Martial Arts background, I can take a real mean punch to
the Abs too.  I think you'll see from my videos why I'm the Ultimate VideoTeasing
Girl - I'm Strong, Confident and love to Kick Ass!
KIck-Ass Kimberly's Everything Video
(Flexing, Pullups, Armwrestling, Mercy, Bicep Pull-Down, Lift and Carry, Abs Punching and more!)
23 min 16 sec Everything Video
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What better way for Kickass Kimberly to show us what she's all about than with a video where she does it ALL!!
She proudly introduces us to her Biceps and starts flexing before she is interrupted by a guy named Bruce who challenges her to
various tests to see how strong Kimberly really is.  Kimberly then proceeds to carry around the much bigger Bruce like a "sack of
potatoes" among other types of lifts.  She then really humiliates him in Armwrestling as Bruce tries to defeat her using all his might
(righty, lefty, 2 hands).  Kimberly's amazing martial-arts-trained abs are then put to the test as Bruce punches them very hard with first a
boxing glove and then bare fisted.  More humiliation is in store for Bruce as Kimberly takes him down in a game of Mercy forcing him to
kiss her bicep and Kimberly then challenges Bruce to pull down her arm as she's flexing her Bicep!   Kimberly is very proud of her
strength and physique and she loves kicking ass - all with a confident smile!  An INCREDIBLE WOMAN with an incredible attitude!
KIck-Ass Kimberly's Pump and Flex Video
10 min 44 sec Pump and Flex Video
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Kimberly lets her pythons out and to show just how "Kickass" she can be!  Watch as she
pumps up her biceps with each exercise she does (pushups, dumbell curls, etc) After
each activity Kimberly proudly flexes to show off the bicep and tricep pump she
achieves.  Surprise bonus at the end of the video filmed outdoors.
Kimberly's Rematch Video
24 min 17 sec Rematch Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Kickass Kimberly has been working a lot on her Biceps and Calves since her last video and is back to show it all off as she takes
Bruce on again in a rematch.  More armwresting, more Mercy, more ab punching, and more Bicep challenges and even a quick over
the shoulder lift and carry in the first part of this video.  After Bruce is again totally embarassed by the stronger and more fit and
muscular Kimberly, he asks her to show him how she got so freakin strong!  Kimberly then takes us into her gym garage where she
shows off the type of workout she does and how she punps those pythons up.  She even shows how she can make a man pass out
by squeezing her Biceps around a dummy's neck.  Bruce was very thankful this wasn't performed on him!
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