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KimG's Mini-Tryout Video
w/Special Hi Res Flexing/Posing Bonus
Bikini pro from Chile, Kim Gutierrez quickly met the webmaster at a show in South Florida where she did a quick bicep flex promising
the fans more to come at a Tampa fitness show. Her beauty and strength will make you speechless as she proudly proves she's as
strong as she is beautiful when she gladly takes on the webmaster's strength challenge. Wimpy's humiliation begins when Kim
outshines him while warming up her amazingly pumped biceps at the gym and continues as she beats him in strength tests of
ARMWRESTLING, MERCY & BICEP PULLDOWN. She's proud and FLEXES her biceps with great confidence knowing that she's got what it
takes to win in the show and to make it on the site. After watching Kim's Flex & Armwrestling video, you'll be sure to see why the
webmaster knew she would quickly becomes a VideoTeasing fan favorite!!
24 minute Hi Res Mini-Tryout video  (891MB)
4 minute Hi Res Flexing/Posing Bonus video (155MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Hola, I'm Kim Gutierrez a bikini pro from Chile. I had a great
time competing in Florida and am looking forward to
competing more in the future. I love working out and keeping
my muscles strong and fit. I hope you like my videos and I
hope I can do more.Thank you to all my fans.
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