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NEW! - KittiBelle's Tryout Video
KittiBelle is certainly sexy and confident but is she strong enough to pass a tryout? She’s all business and
ready to put the Webmaster’s doubts in check as she goes along (well-knowing) that she’s certainly able to
handle all that’s thrown her way. From the looks of her sexy physique and hot, very revealing outfit and
heels, the Webmaster will have a much harder time getting through the tryout than she will. Includes: BICEP
PULL-DOWN, MERCY, ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty and her Two Fingers against his entire hand!). Her body
is certainly one of the sexiest and strongest the Webmaster has ever seen as evidenced by his weakness
growing with each test. KittiBelle’s lower body and quad strength is beyond a doubt impressive too as she
proves with the SCISSOR TESTS. She puts the Webmaster’s neck and body between her long, sexy and
super strong quads where he just can’t break lose from their strong grip . (Includes: Behind the Scene of
testing her true squeeze to see how far they can safely take it during the video. No doubt, her legs are
dangerous!!) She proudly poses and flexes while he tries to catch his breath. As soon as you lay your eyes
on KittiBelle, you’ll see why this shoot will take him a long time to recover from.
25 min 28 sec Video (1GB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Hi I'm KittiBelle and it was great running into the Wimpy Webmaster at a
recent modeling convention but I'm afraid I was a bit more than he could
handle!  He seemed a little dazed and distracted and that was even before
he gave me any of his strength tests.  But don't feel bad Wimpy, I often
have that effect on people!  With my Perfect Boobs, Butt, and Biceps
(which I love to show off and tease with) many men get tongue tied.
Anyways, I had a blast during the Tryout and hope to do lots more videos
once Wimpy recovers!
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The Curvy Muscle Goddess!
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