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KittiBelle's Tryout Video
KittiBelle is certainly sexy and confident but is she strong enough to pass a tryout? She’s all business and
ready to put the Webmaster’s doubts in check as she goes along (well-knowing) that she’s certainly able to
handle all that’s thrown her way. From the looks of her sexy physique and hot, very revealing outfit and
heels, the Webmaster will have a much harder time getting through the tryout than she will. Includes: BICEP
PULL-DOWN, MERCY, ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty and her Two Fingers against his entire hand!). Her body
is certainly one of the sexiest and strongest the Webmaster has ever seen as evidenced by his weakness
growing with each test. KittiBelle’s lower body and quad strength is beyond a doubt impressive too as she
proves with the SCISSOR TESTS. She puts the Webmaster’s neck and body between her long, sexy and
super strong quads where he just can’t break lose from their strong grip . (Includes: Behind the Scene of
testing her true squeeze to see how far they can safely take it during the video. No doubt, her legs are
dangerous!!) She proudly poses and flexes while he tries to catch his breath. As soon as you lay your eyes
on KittiBelle, you’ll see why this shoot will take him a long time to recover from.
25 min 28 sec Video (1GB) mp4 format
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Hi I'm KittiBelle and it was great running into the Wimpy Webmaster at a
recent modeling convention but I'm afraid I was a bit more than he could
handle!  He seemed a little dazed and distracted and that was even before
he gave me any of his strength tests.  But don't feel bad Wimpy, I often
have that effect on people!  With my Perfect Boobs, Butt, and Biceps
(which I love to show off and tease with) many men get tongue tied.
Anyways, I had a blast during the Tryout and hope to do lots more videos
once Wimpy recovers!
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The Curvy Muscle Goddess!
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KittiBelle's Bikini Armwrestling Video
Kittibelle is back and brings her sexy and strong excitement with her!! She catches everyone up on her
latest happenings in the world of muscle admiration. She talks about armwresting and surely takes the
webmaster on when he proposes they do another match since their last encounter. She’s ready to go.
It’s not a good sign that the Webmaster will win when he faints just from seeing her in her sexy bikini
and heels. When he returns to his senses (or so he thinks so), they go RIGHTY, LEFTY, his TWO hands
against her one hand and more!! Nothing takes her down as long she uses her strength and distraction
techniques. She flexes and poses in victory and if you aren’t speechless already (and you will be) her
Boobs, Biceps and Booty will certainly take your breath away!!
10 min 17 sec Video (402MB) mp4 format
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KittiBelle's Bikini Lift and Carry Video w/Bicep Inspection
A thorough bicep inspection reveals she’s pure muscle and leads to Kittibelle
proving her Biceps of steel are just the tip of her amazing strength. She proves
her REAL strength by LIFTING and CARRYING the webmaster with ease, several
impressive ways including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE, FIREMAN’S,
OVER-THE-SHOULDER, and DEAD LIFT!!   No doubt about it...she’s strong, sexy
and impressive from head to toe!!
8 min 45 sec Video (344MB) mp4 format
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KittiBelle Lifts You (POV)
Kittibelle notices you peeking at her gorgeous hot and fit body. She
invites you to join her to get a very up close and personal experience
with her. She takes you into her strong arms and lifts you up in the air
as you quiver from excitement. You get the most amazing view of her
voluptuous physique as she holds you high up in the air and just when
you felt it couldn’t get any better, she dead lifts and does squats with
you on her shoulder, as you take in her feminine physique using her
powerful biceps and legs, leaving you absolutely speechless!!
A burglar quickly becomes the victim when he finds himself in Kittibelle’s place. She’s
not going to take his bad behavior and teaches him a lesson that he’ll never forget.
She’s in charge now. She subdues him between her strong, muscular thighs. He tries
to hang on as long as he can as he’s enjoying his “punishment” but her strength gets
the best of him and he’s subdued by her ultimate power!!
Includes: Behind the Scenes where Kittibelle learns how much leg pressure the
burglar can handle so that she doesn’t harm him during the recording of the video.     
KittiBelle's Scissor the Burglar w/BTS
5 min 8 sec Video (205MB) mp4 format
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7 min 40 sec Video (289MB) mp4 format
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KittiBelle Arm Wrestles Wimpy in a
Fanatsy Match! (POV and Classic Views)
Kittibelle meets up with the webmaster to star in his latest set of videos,
including this awesome one which will make your jaw drop!! Join them
BEHIND The Scenes at first, where you get to see how they set up,
making it one of the best videos you’ve ever seen on the site!! This
video includes the classic camera angle, and ALSO includes the
Webmaster’s viewpoint as he experiences her amazing strength and
beauty close up, while she’s wearing her sexy and distracting bikini!!
Includes: ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty, Two-handed) MERCY and more!!
Get double the pleasure as you see and experience Kittibelle’s
sexiness, beauty and superior strength from both camera angles!! A first
ever experience for VT fans!!
Kittibelle is all pumped and excited to show off her amazing strength
of which the fans truly can’t get enough of. The webmaster films this
video with two cameras at the same time, giving all who get lucky
enough to watch, a very special “double feature”. The first one, where
the camera is set on a tri-pod and the second one, from the
webmaster’s POV as he’s holding the camera. Includes: PIGGY-BACK,
KittiBelle Lifts Wimpy (POV and Classic Views)
25 min 15 sec Video (809MB) mp4 format
14 min 30 sec Video (531MB) mp4 format
Kittibelle honors the Webmaster’s request to help him relieve some
tension from his stiff muscles. He knows she’s the best candidate to
help him crack his bones with her strong scissor holds. She goes to
work on him and squeezes her strong, muscular thighs around his
body to the point where the pain turns into much needed and great
relief!! She’s ready to refill his prescription any time he needs her
“scissoring” services and surely he’ll request “Dr Kittibelle’s”
services again soon
Dr. KittiBelle's Back Crack Therapy
8 min 52 sec Video (297MB) mp4 format
Kittibelle is in great shape and one way she does that is by doing
her “sexy yoga”. She shows the fans all her moves in a way you’ve
never seen it done before!! She moves and stretches each
muscle leaving all completely speechless. If she was your yoga
teacher, you’d never miss a class. Her confidence is contagious
and goes along with her super amazing and fit body!!
KittiBelle's Yoga Video
3 min 17 sec Video (125MB) mp4 format
Kittibelle towers over you with her giant, sexy body!! She hovers over your tiny body as you quiver
in excitement!! Worship her curvy body....each and every inch of her strong, hard muscles. You
reach and touch her after she allows you to fulfill your fantasy. She stretches and moves over you
as you remain stiff in fear of being overpowered by her amazing physique. She’s teased you so
much that you become putty in her arms when she finally lifts your weak body in the air and sits on
you with her glutes, leaving you speechless while feeling her amazing strength and power.
KittiBelle's Giantess and POV Lift Video
5 min 39 sec Video (224MB) mp4 format
KittiBelle's Ultimate Video Package!
Get all 5 Videos below for $29.95!
1. Armwrestling: non-POV, followed by POV version (same vid) (bikini fantasy armwrestling)
2. Lift and carry-pov, non pov (both versions) and “BEHIND” the scenes s included
3. Scissor Therapy (BEHIND the scenes) back crack therapy
4. Yoga Video (follows with camera)
5. Giantess POV video (rewards the little man by lifting him over her head)
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