Welcome to Kora Angel's Page!
Hi I'm Kora Angel. I really love and admire muscle. It takes a lot of
work and dedication at the gym but it's worth every minute of it. I'm
strong, outgoing and confident and I know you will really appreciate
my videos on this site. I love challenging the guys and putting them
in their place. I also not only love having my muscles worshipped but
I also love to worship other girls muscles too!  The two body parts
that seem to turn people on the most are my biceps and my quads!
Kora introduces herself and her amazing biceps to the fans of VideoTeasing. Watch her jaw dropping video she submitted to the
webmaster highlighting her muscle (strong biceps, rock solid quads, super toned calves and more) along with her fun personality that will
keep you asking for more. She flexes and pops her super defined biceps with great confidence. She loves a good challenge and isn't
afraid of any guy willing to put her muscle to the test.
NEW! - Kora's Audition Video
10 min 48 sec Audition Video
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