Welcome to Kylie Kool's Page!
Hi, I'm Kylie. I'm a free spirited girl who likes to have fun. Keeping in shape is
very important to me. I'm a yoga instructor and I love to teach other's that it
only takes practice and dedication to achieve a fabulous physique. I am so
excited to have a place on the site. This is the perfect place for me to show off
my physique, flexibility and strength. Looking forward to making many new fans.
10 minute Audition Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Kylie submits her audition video to the VideoTeasing. She's confident she's a perfect match to be a model on the site. Kylie easily
impresses by flexing her biceps which she admits can pack a punch. Kylie is eager to show off how flexible she is by showing off
a few of her favorite poses she does as a yoga  instructor.  She's cute, has a great physique and proves she's strong enough to
lift & carry her boyfriend. Doesn't look like he has much say in the matter because she's going to lift him whether he likes it or not
- that's how she gets a workout. Before he knows it, she lifts him several ways including: LEG PRESS, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER THE
SHOULDER, and a very impressive SHOULDER RIDE!!! Kylie may be petitie but she's certainly got the power. Be sure to purchase
her Audition Video to show her your support and see how this fun, fit and strong woman earned her place on the site.
NEW! - Kylie's Flexing Audition Video
w/Lift and Carry
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