Welcome to Lethal Laura's Page!
My name is Laura and I'm known in my gym as the Hot Muscle Mom!  I gotta
admit, now that I'm in my 40's, I think its quite flattering considering I can curl
and benchpress more weight than most men.  My passion has recently become
figure modeling while inspiring as many people as possible to lead a healthy
active lifestyle.  Oh yea, and also turn heads while doing it!!  I hope you enjoy
my VideoTeasing videos as much as I've enjoyed doing them!
Laura's Strength Challenge Video 2 with
Laura's Lift and Carry Video 1
Just when you thought you've seen it all, Lethal Laura takes
her strength to a new level in her first Lift and Carry Video.  
She not only does all the usual lifts and carries, but she
does 2 things never before seen on this site - multiple ONE
LEGGED Leg Presses AND a couple of PUSHUPS with the
wimpy webmaster on her BACK!
The wimpy webmaster still not believing how a "little lady" like
Laura can be stronger than a man feels a need to take her
height, weight and muscle measurements and compare it to
his own before issuing more strength challenges that include
armwrestling, game of mercy, leg wrestling, and OTS lift
contest - all which leave wimpy shaking his head in disbelief!
13 min 40 sec  Strength Challenge Video 2
12 minute Lift and Carry Video 1
Laura's Armwrestling and Workout
Challenge Video
The wimpy webmaster claims to have been hitting the gym and has issued a workout challenge to Lethal Laura.  They first have a
dumbell curling contest and then move on to other gym equipment such as the pullup bar and abs crunch machine. Then to top it
all off, Laura once again takes wimpy down in some brutally humiliating armwrestling matches.  The webmaster hopelessly
struggles to budge the arm of the much stronger Laura.  In fact, wimpy is left so weak after these matches,  kind-hearted Laura
lets wimpy grab onto her muscular biceps to help him off the floor and then proceeds to piggyback him out of the gym!!
27 minute Armwrestling and Workout Challenge Video 1
Laura's Amazon Goddess Video 1
Laura's Apple Crushing Video
Laura puts her amazingly powerful biceps to good use as she first
juices an apple before splitting it in two using only her biceps!
Some other very interesting bicep crushing exhibitions follow
Laura as you've never seen her before - as a Dominant Amazon
woman looking down at a small weak man making him worship
and at one point even letting him attempt a pullup on her biceps!
10 min 25 sec Apple Crushing Video
11 min 20 sec Amazon  Video 1
Laura's Bikini Flexing
Video 2
Laura's Tight Sleeved
Biceps and Abs Video
Laura's Interview  Video 1
(with Bicep measuring)
Laura is back to flex and pose for us
again in another one of her sexy bikinis.  
Ripped and Cut, this Hot Mom has
muscles on top of muscles and loves
showing them off!
Laura sits down for an interview in which
she talks about her lifestyle and her
muscles.  Her biceps are measured at
the end confirming their incredible "pop"
Laura satisfies 2 of the more popular
requests she gets - flexing her biceps in
a tight sleeved shirt and more flexing of
her insane abs!
10 minute Flexing Video 2
10 min 15 sec Interview Video 1
9 minute Bicep/Abs Video 1
Laura's Video Package 3
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Laura's  Abs Workout and
Punching Video 1
Laura's Strength
Challenge Video 1
Laura's  Armwrestling
Video 1
Laura, very proud of her incredibly strong abs,
loves to show that just because you're a mom of 3
doesn't mean you still can't have a ripped 6-pack.  
In this video, Laura shows the home exercises she
does for them which includes having the
cameraman throw his best punches after
repeatedly  throwing a medicine ball at them.  We
only hope his fist has recovered!
Laura takes on the wimpy webmaster in
four separate Strength Challenges which
include a Game of Mercy, Tug of War,
Pushups and Pullups.  One can't help
feeling sorry for the webmaster as he is
thoroughly dominated by Laura's superior
strength as she makes it look so easy!
Laura knew what her lethal  biceps could do to
the wimpy webmaster in arm wrestling and
being the sweet woman that she is, she didn't
really want to humiliate him like that.  But when
the webmaster insisted,  Laura gave in and
what followed was total strength domination by
this Super Strong Muscle-Mom.
10 min 40 sec Abs Video 1
11 minute Armwrestling Video 1
10 minute Strength Challenge Video 1
Laura's Video Package 2
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Laura's Bikini Flexing
Video 1
Laura's Gym Workout
Video 1
Laura's  Audition Video
Laura, fed up with working in the kitchen,
goes from Homemaker to Hottie in her
first Bikini Muscle Flexing Video!  You can
tell flexing and posing is what she really
loves to do  as she takes us on a house
tour along with her biceps, triceps, abs,
legs and entire Perfect 10 body!!
A Muscular Mom named Laura contacted
VideoTeasing to be on the site.  See what
happened when the Webmaster paid her a
visit to give her an in-person audition. She
seemed like just a sweet all-american
housewife until the baggy sweatshirt
came off and then WOW!
Laura shows how she gets that Lethal body
as she does her gym workout for us.  Watch
her sexy muscles pump up as she does
some of her favorite upper body exercises.  
Whether you're a fan of Biceps, Triceps, Abs,
Shoulders, Chest or Back, there's nothing
not to love on this Hot Muscle Mom!
9 min 40 sec Audition Video
11 min 20 sec Flexing Video 1
10 minute Workout Video 1
Laura's Video Package 1
Get all 3 videos above for $19.95
Laura's  Abs
Oiling/Flexing/Punching Video
Laura's Hot Bicep Oiling and
Flexing Video
Laura's Abs are more ripped than ever and she's anxious to show
them off for her fans as she rubs oil into them which really
highlights her six pack.  She also challenges the camera guy to
punch her abs of steel!
Wearing a tiny zebra bikini top, Laura flexes her even more peaked than
ever biceps like she's never flexed before. She flexes HARD and STRONG
getting every inch of pop out of them.  To top it all off, she silently teases
the viewer by very seductively rubbing hot oil into her babies.
12 min 30 sec Bicep Oiling and Flexing Video
9 min 30 sec Abs Oiling and Flexing Video
Laura's Boxing Video 1
Lethal Laura does a very intense boxing workout on the heavy
bag after beating on her sparring partner and taking some hard
punches to her abs.  Now we know why Mike Tyson retired!
10 minute Boxing Video 1
Laura's Video Package 4
Get all 3 videos above for $19.95
Lethal Laura and Amazon Alexa Video 1
Lethal Laura welcomes her new very tall friend Amazon Alexa.  Alexa seems to
really worship Laura's Biceps and Laura can't believe  Alexa's height.  They try
to figure out who the stronger girl is by having a very competitive armwrestling
match followed by an intense game of mercy. Laura, very proud of her abs,
challenges Alexa to punch them and to really show Alexa how strong she is,
Laura picks Alexa up in a cradle lift!   The chemistry in this video between
these two incredibly strong and beautiful women is real thrill to watch!
16 min 40 sec Lethal Laura and Amazon Alexa Video 1
Laura's Leg Press Video
(w/Leg Wrestling Bonus)
Laura's Orange Squishing Video
This video is all about Laura's gorgeous legs as she repeatedly leg
presses a 175 pound man.  First in pantyhose, then bare-legged,
she shows how strong and shapely her legs actually are.  There's a
special Indian Leg Wrestling bonus between Laura and the wimpy
webmaster at the end!
It's a beautiful day in the park and what better way for
Laura to spend it than by juicing oranges with her biceps
and then with her bare hands! Watch her muscles glisten
as she enjoys licking the juice off of them afterwards!
10 minute Orange Squishing Video
15 minute Leg Pressing Video
Laura's  Armwrestling Video 2
10 minute Armwrestling Video 2
The wimpy webmaster catches up with Laura working
out in her gym.  Realizing that she has gotten way too  
stronger for him to pose any sort of challenge, Laura
decides to take on a muscular guy from her gym in her
first competitive test of strength armwresting match!
Laura's Video Package 5
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Best Value!
Laura's  Armwrestling Video 3
(Laura Armwrestles her husband!)
9 min 35 sec Armwrestling Video 3
Just back from the Arnold Classic, stronger and with arms
more pumped than ever, Laura issues an armwrestling
challenge to her husband to which he accepts.  See what
happens when Laura armwrestles her husband for the first
time in a real match!
Laura's  Strength Challenge Video 3
(A TWO on ONE Strength Challenge!)
15 min 45 sec Strength Challenge Video 3
After making the wimpy webmaster think that he's stronger than he is,
Laura once again takes him down in Armwrestling and then she takes down
her husband AND the webmaster at the same time!  This is followed by other
2 on 1 strength challenges including Mercy, Tug of War, Abs punching and
more, proving Lethal Laura's amazing physical power once again!
Laura's Video Package 6
Get both videos above for $19.95
9 min 26 sec Arm Fantasy Video
12 min 24 sec Lift Carry Punch Video
Laura's  Armwrestling Fantasy  Video
Laura's  Lift, Carry and Punch Video
Shot from the camera perspective of the viewer, watch as Lethal Laura
armwrestles and taunts YOU the viewer as YOU feebly and pathetically
struggle against her superior strength while she makes you feel weak
and inferior. Look up at her at the end from the ground as she strikes
some very dominating muscle poses!
Fans of lift/carry and Abs Punching will really love this video as Laura
demonstrates a variety of Lifts (including Leg Press) with the wimpy
webmaster's cute assistant Nicole who very much admires Laura's
muscles.  But the highlight has to be the punches Laura takes to her
stomach while she is piggybacking Nicole!
11 min 10 sec Bicep Worship Video
Laura's Bicep Worship Video
(bicep kissing, licking and worshipping!)
Laura, so impressed with her own hugely peaked
biceps can't help but worshipping them herself!  
Laura really enjoys teasing the viewer as she
flexes,  kisses and licks her amazing guns in this
very hot and sexy worship video!
17 min 23 sec  Leg Squeeze and Abs Challenge
Laura's Leg Squeeze and Abs Challenge
This is actually 2 videos in 1.  The first is a Leg Strength Challenge where Laura
squeezes a  scale between her legs to measure exactly how strong they are and
compares it to what the webmaster can do.  After seeing the  number of pounds of
pressure the scale registers you will understand why Laura felt it would far too
dangerous to squeeze a human being that way.  The second part is an incredible Abs
exhibition where Laura, while working out, takes everything the wimpy webmaster
dishes out and more as Wimpy punches her abs with his fists, drops a basketball and
volleyball on them, hits them with a tennis racket and even a frying pan!!
Laura's Video Package 8
Get all 3 videos above for $19.95
Laura's "Are You Following Me?" Fantasy Video
(With Apple Crush)
Laura's Bicep Flexing and Pull Video
(Try to pull down my arms, I DARE you!)
Laura's Kitchen Workout
8 Minute Follow Fantasy Video
10 min 23 sec Flex/Pull Video
11 min 14 sec Kitchen Workout Video
In this unique video, shot entirely from the viewer's perspective see what
happens when someone starts following Lethal Laura as she tries enjoying a
nice day in the park in her hot red mini dress. She gets so angry at one point that
she shoves her Bicep in the harasser's face and yells  "Is This What You Wanted
To See?!" See what happens at the end when this guy just doesn't give up.
See Laura heat up in the Kitchen as she does some of her
favorite exercises for her Abs, Arms and Glutes. Laura even
calls in her friend to test her rock hard abs with a few punches.
A sexy and fun video for all Lethal Laura fans to enjoy.
Laura finds it quite amusing that you think you could pull down her
biceps, with your weak girly man arms. Laura flexes and poses
dominantly as she shows how much stronger she is than you.
Laura's Video Package 7
Get all 4 videos above for $24.95
Laura's Tiger Bikini Flexing Video in HQ!
8 min 45 sec Bikini Flexing Video in HQ
In Laura's first ever video in Hi Resolution, her muscles
"pop" out right at you as the camera explores every inch
of her amazing physique with special attention of course
paid to her bulging biceps!
Laura's VideoTeasing Re-Tryout Video!
"Am I Still Strong Enough?!? What?? You gotta be kidding me?!!"
28 minute Tryout Video
Lethal Laura is not too happy to find out that the wimpy webmaster wants to re-certify her credentials to be on VideoTeasing by putting her through
the same series of strength tests normally reserved for new girls which include, Armwrestling (but only allowing her to use 3 fingers!), Lift and
Carries (with his assistant Nicole), Leg Presses,  Abs Punching, Game of Mercy, Arm to Arm Tug of War, Double Bicep Pull-down challenge, and
more!  By the end of the video, with Laura still a little offended that she was put through these tests, Laura issues a challenge of her own.  She puts
Wimpy in a deadly choke hold and watches in amusement as he feebly attempts to break free from the grip of her bulging biceps around his neck!!
Laura's Bicep Pulldown and
Armwrestling Challenge Video
9 min 30 sec Abs Punch/Stomp Video
Laura's Abs Punch and Stomp Video
9 min 56 sec Bicep Challenge Video
Laura proves she has the Abs of a Superwoman as her
Abs  are punched (both barehanded and with a Boxing
glove), kicked, stepped and stomped on, stood upon,
elbowed, and even head butted (Wimpy charges into her
Abs head-first)!  Its amazing that nothing seems to phase
this Woman of Steel  as her Abs took more abuse in this
video than has ever been seen before!
The Webmaster, once again frustrated trying to beat Laura in
Armwrestling issues a unique challenge to Laura that involves
her Armwrestling and having her Flexed Bicep pulled down at
the same by 2 people!  At one point, there are 4 hands trying to
pull down Laura's Arm but no success.  Great video for
Armwrestling and Bicep Pulldown fans!
Laura's Hot Red Flex Video in HQ
9 min 45 sec Hot Red Flex Video in HQ
Laura, just relaxing on her couch, in her hot red sports bra, heels, and short
shorts, decides to put on a flex show for her fans that you won't soon forget.  
Filmed with some great camera angles in hi-res and talking to you throughout,
Laura gives her fans a real treat for the holiday season!
Laura's Video Package 9
Get all 4 videos above for $24.95
10 minute Mirror Armwrestling in Hi-Res
9 minute Do Not Touch Video in Hi-Res
Laura's Armwrestling in the Mirror Video in Hi Res!
Laura's Do NOT Touch my Biceps
Video in
Hi Res!
Laura is working out on the floor in front of her mirror when the wimpy webmaster interrupts her to plead
for another armwrestling match.  Not wanting to stop her workout, Laura reluctantly agrees, but continues
to do dumbell curls with her other arm.  Wimpy struggles mightily to budge her arm. Laura then provides
the ultimate humiliation as she takes the camera away from the camera person to film the video herself in
the mirror.  Don't want to give away the ending, but this one does not end pretty for poor Wimpy!
Shot POV in Hi-Resolution,  Laura is just hanging out relaxing by her
pool when she sees you secretly looking at her.  Demanding to know
why you are doing this, she calls you over and then realizes that you
want to see her flex.  But Laura makes you work first by telling you to
get her some water and suntan oil before she rewards you with a
bicep flex.  After repeatedly telling you that you can look but do NOT
touch, you can not resist and just have to touch - BIG MISTAKE as
Laura winds up breaking your fingers with her Biceps!!
7 min 10 sec Bicep Video in Hi-Res
Laura's Bicep Exploration Video Hi Res!
Lethal Laura takes us on a guided  tour of one of the world's most natural
and breathtaking wonders - HER BICEP!
See every bump, bulge, and vein with your tour guide Laura in this first ever
Bicep Exploration video with some very close up shots all filmed in HD!
Laura's Video Package 10
Get all 3 videos above for $24.95
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