Welcome to Layla' Page!
Hi guys, Iím Layla. Iím proud of my physique and although I may not be biggest
girl on VT, but Iím in great shape and Iím  proud of my strong legs and tough abs.
After the Webmaster put me through the tryout, it didnít take much convincing to
put me on his site. It goes to say that strength comes from within and it certainly
helps to have a strong confident attitude. I exercise and eat right which certainly
paid off in allowing me to earn my spot on VideoTeasing.
25 minute Tryout Video
Link to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Layla's Tryout Video
(Armwrestling, Leg Press, Bicep Pull-down, Mercy, Scissoring, Abs Punching, and more!)
Layla comes to Video Teasing headquarters during open auditions for her tryout. The Webmaster isnít so sure sheís Video Teasing material
but Layla is ready to prove him wrong. Layla has a very strong and confident attitude. After putting Layla through the ARMWRESTLING part of
the tryout, the Webmaster begins to see, that Laya, may earn her spot on the VT website. Layla handles the Game of Mercy test like a pro
which surprises the Webmaster, especially since she insisted on wearing her high heels during the challenge.  After putting on her Abs outfit,
the Wimpy Webmaster puts Laylaís ABS to the test. Heís shocked to see that her abs, are in phenomenal condition!! A surprise BICEP
PULLDOWN test turns out to be a piece of cake for Layla and it looks as though sheís going to be a VT Model,  but not before a few final tests.
She sails through the LEG PRESS test and seals the deal after she head and body SCISSORS the Wimpy Webmaster.
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