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Lilac's Introduction Video
(w/Armwrestling, Flexing and Lifts)
The webmaster meets Lilac, a true sweetheart with a cute smile and surprising
biceps that pop out of nowhere!! She's so proud to show off her strength. She's
eager to show her legs and core are super fit and strong as she quickly lifts the
Webmaster several ways with ease including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
CRADLE, and OVER-THE-SHOULDER!! Her stamina doesn't fade as she
ARM-WRESTLES him going: RIGHTY, LEFTY, his TWO HANDS against her ONE
HAND!! She's full of energy and handles BICEP PULLDOWN like a pro truly
proving she's a great fit to be the next VideoTeasing model!!
Lilac's Video Package 1
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Lilac's sexy side emerges as she graces us with her bikini and high heels
along with her amazing, strong legs in this awesome video!!  Lilac has fun
showing off her strength as the Webmaster experiences her quad strength
first-hand as she learns the ropes of Scissoring with him as her first victim
ever!! Includes: BODY SCISSORING, where her long legs grip him to the point
of panic sooner than he ever expected, long before she applies her full
strength!! He has her apply pressure during a HEAD SCISSOR during a REAL
test of her quad power and her tremendous strength leaves him seeing the
stars!! Surely, it is determined they must use a safe word to keep him out of
danger. As another test of her TRUE strength, she impresses by squeezing a
scale with her legs to an impressive 210 pounds of pressure!! As a final test,
leaving everyone is complete shock as Watermelon flies everywhere!!
Cleanup on aisle Lilac!!! We knew she was strong, but she takes the gold
medal in quad strength!!! Watch this video and you'll never be able to eat a
melon ever again without thinking about Lilac's impressive strength.
Lilac has wowed the fans with her beauty, physique and cute smile and she's
ready to show that she's strong for REAL also!! After she warms up by curling
dumbbells like a champ (where the webmaster couldn't even keep up with her
strength), and a great show of her strength in game of MERCY and BICEP
PULLDOWN and ABS Punching. She truly shines as she further shows off her
impressive strength by Lifting and Carrying the 180 pound Webmaster with great
ease several ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER,
CRADLE, FIREMAN'S, LEG PRESS and a super impressive DEAD LIFT which will
make you speechless!! Lilac is super sweet and equally super strong!! She is the
real deal and VideoTeasing and the fans are lucky to be graced by her strength,
sweetness and beauty!
Includes Bonus behind the scenes footage of Lilac doing PULL-UPS after the
shoot with incredible energy and great form!! Watch this entire video and you'll be
in complete awe of her strength just as much as the Webmaster was as he
experienced it first hand!!
Lilac is new to the Flexing scene and she quickly picks up the best moves
that bring out her biceps that have been waiting to pop out and amaze the
fans!! She also shows off her flexible long legs, twerks her terrific glutes and
her washboard abs that can take a punch, completing the perfect package!!
She has so much fun showing off her physique and she can't believe how
easy it is for her to flex and bring such enjoyment to the fans!! Watch this
video and you'll be hooked and a Lilac fan for life!!
Lilac's Scissorhold and Watermelon
Explosion Video!
Lilac's Lift and Carry Video
Lilac's Bicep Flexing and Posing Video
Hi, I'm Lilac. I've been athletic most of my life. I'm a speed skater, a dancer and I lift weights
which keeps me in shape. I'm new to the world of female muscle and strength admirers but
after I worked with the Webmaster, I saw how much fun it is to show off my strength and
immediately my fun, sexy side came out which I happened to like a lot!! I never knew my
own strength and after seeing how easily I passed all the tests, especially popping a
watermelon with my legs, I really can see that I've got a future on the site. Who says being
nice can't get you anywhere....it certainly led me to a great place, with great fans and I can't
wait to do more!!
Athletic speed skater, pole dancer, and Weight Lifter!
There is muscle and amazing strength behind her innocent look which brings about a
sexiness that is truly unique!!
11 minute video (445MB)
9 min 38 sec video (390MB)
15 min 51 sec video (610MB)
17 min 16 sec video (692MB)
Lilac's Video Package 1
Get all 4 videos above for $29.95
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NEW! - Lilac and Hayla's Lift and Carry Video
12 min 49 sec Video (511MB)
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Hayla and Lilac give the fans a true treat by showing off more of their strength. Lilac's monster quads were made famous after
she made a watermelon erupt and now she joins her best friend Hayla (whose quads are even more monstrous!) who proved
her true strength by passing her tryout, impressing the webmaster and fans. They are back to show off more of their strength
by LIFTING and CARRYING each other, full of energy. Includes: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE,
and LEG PRESS. They both take turns and CRADLE carry the Webmaster, passing him off to each other like a feather!! As a
grand finale, both DEAD LIFT one another with tremendous strength and great ease!! After watching this amazing lift and carry
video, you'll certainly have no doubt about how these best friends earned the name "strength sisters". Enjoy!!
NEW! - Lilac and Hayla's Flex Scissor Armwrestle Video
10 min 45 sec Video (435MB)
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Hot, strong girls, Hayla and Lilac have fun FLEXING and POSING, admiring each other's muscle and showing off
their amazingly hard and fit physiques (including their BICEPS, QUADS and ABS, which can truly take a punch!!)
They compare their strength for REAL by going up against one another several ways including: SCISSORING
(squeezing each other with their strong quads to see the maximum pressure they can give and can take) and
ARMWRESTLING, each where they are both prove they are equally both incredibly strong!!
Watch this awesome video and you'll quickly see why these two best friends are quickly becoming fan
favorites, truly showing off all they've got and impressing us more and more!!
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