Welcome to LilyMoon's Page!
Hi, I'm Lily Moon. I'm a strong sexy petite girl with a ton of energy! I love
having fun and live each day to the fullest. I love shocking people with
my strength and have always kept up with the boys all my life. I'm super
excited to be on the site and looking forward to making more videos for
all the fans. Oh and did I mention the thrill I get when I make guys
submit to my head scissor!
LilyMoon's Tryout Video
w/Arm Wrestling, Abs Punching, Bicep Pulldown, Flexing/Posing Scissoring and more!
The webmaster finds Lily Moon working out at the gym. She's cute and confident but he's not sure if she's strong enough to be
on the site. This petite cutie in a hot dress, packs her strength in ways that will shock you as it did the webmaster when he put
her through his tests including: ARMWRESTLING (righty & lefty), and BICEP PULLDOWN. Lily later surprises the webmaster with
her own sexy outfit distraction technique which leaves him weak in the knees as he puts her through more tests including: ABS
PUNCHING and Straight Up and Leg Press LIFTS. Lily certainly has fun proving her strength and insists on the SCISSOR test. His
laughing  quickly turns to regret of doubting her strength as she squeezes his head and body between her strong quads. He
can't help but tap from the pressure and begs to be released from her strong squeeze. She gets a bit carried away with her
confidence and strength and squeezes his head to the point where he's in dreamland. She gloats in her victory and proves that
no one better mess with her again or she'll have to put them in their place just as she did the webmaster.
Includes: FLEXING AND POSING BONUS. Lily shows off her sexy physique with her best poses for all her fans.
Watch Lily Moon's Tryout Video and you'll be hooked!
20min 18sec Tryout Video
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LilyMoon's Scissor the Burglar and Pizza Boy Videos

Video 1 - Scissor the Burglar
LilyMoon teaches a poor Burglar a lesson he'll never forget when he tries stealing her TV

Video 2 - Scissor the Pizza Boy
LilyMoon is determined to get her pizza for free and she'll do whatever it takes including putting a pervy pizza boy in his place
2 min 22 sec Burglar video
4 min 55 sec Pizza Boy video
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