Welcome to Lifeguard Linda's Page!
Hi, I'm Linda and "tall", "athletic", "very fit" are just some of the ways people have
described my physique.  I'm a 5'10" lifeguard (well over 6 feet in my favorite heels)
who loves to swim and work out.  And after you see my Tryout video, I think you'll
add "Strong" to my description too.
Linda's Tryout Video
Amrwrestling, Game of Mercy, Abs Punching, Bicep Flexing, and more!
A tall athletic girl named Linda working out in the park catches the eye of the wimpy webmaster who approaches her to be
on the site.  Friendly and pleasant, Linda is more than happy to listen to his offer after her workout.  Little did wimpy know
just how strong Linda would be.  She totally dominates him in Armwrestling and a Game of Mercy before laughing off some
punches to her hard and totally flat abs.  So impressed, the webmaster let's her get into her heels to put on a sexy flexing
show that she really gets into doing.  She really admires her biceps and loves showing the "pop" to them!
30 minute Tryout Video
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