Welcome to Liz's Page!
Hi, I'm Lizzie and I just discovered after doing these videos just how
into my muscles my boyfriend has become.  Ever since I did the
Tryout video, my boyfriend now also wants to be lifted and carried
and scissored to sleep every night!!  It is nice now to be the dominant
one in our relationship!
NEW! - Liz's Tryout Video
Muscle Worship, Flexing, Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-down, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry,  Scissoring and more!
The webmaster catches Liz, a girl at the park, practicing yoga moves by leg pressing her boyfriend.  Very
impressed by her leg strength, the wimpy webmaster explains what he does and asks if she would want
to do a Tryout for the site.  Tests in this videos include Armwrestling, Bicep Pull-Down, Abs Punching,
Piggyback, Back to Back Piggy, Cradle, and Head Scissoring.  Turns out cute all-american girl Liz is even
stronger than she appeared.  In fact, as the video progresses, Liz's boyfriend gets more and more into his
girl's sexy physique and strength by touching and kissing her abs, legs, and biceps.
24 minute Tryout Video
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