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Lora Cross Tryout Video
The famous LoraCross immediately makes the Webmaster tongue-tied from the moment he meets her and sees her amazing
physique and beauty!! She’s ready and pumped to show she’ll be the next model on the site and can’t wait to prove it!!
Looks can be deceiving so the Webmaster does a close up inspection of her physique and the results prove that she’s
perfect from head to toe!! Her strength is equally impressive and handles strength tests like a pro. Includes: ABS Punching,
BICEP PULL-DOWN, MERCY, which were just a warm up for her to take him on in
ARM-WRESTLING. (Includes: Righty, Lefty, his Two Hands against her one hand and her two fingers but nothing gives him
the advantage over her power and bicep strength) She’s full of energy and ready to take on the LIFT and CARRY tests,
keeping her cute smile!! She poses in her sexy bikini, highlighting her glutes which peaks the webmaster’s curiosity as he
challenges her to show her leg strength by putting him into a SCISSOR HOLD which keeps him just where she wants him...in
dream land!! She proudly poses over him celebrating victory as he welcomes her to the site.
Hi Guys, I’m Lora Cross. My roots are in Texas and but my heart is at the
Gym!! Sure, working out is hard but it pays off when I see how amazing
my physique is at its peak!! I keep on track while never forgetting to have
fun too!! I’m great friends with the models on the site and hope to do a
video with Claire Irons who I greatly admire!! I love the fans and thank
you all for showing your support. Watch and enjoy my videos and you’ll
see why I call myself “Muscle Goddess Cross”.
33 min 42 sec Video (1.22GB) mp4 format
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Lora Cross Behind the Scenes of Tryout w/REAL Armwerstling
LoraCross learns the VT ropes and shows off her TRUE strength as the Webmaster discovers she can take
on anything he’ll put her through during her tryout. Includes a run-through of Strength Tests including:
LIFT and CARRIES, BICEP STRENGTH TESTS, SCISSORING (where it’s quickly determined they need a safe
after feeling the power of her super strong quads). They go head-to-head during a REAL ARMWRESTLING
match where she shocks him with her amazing stamina and strength!!  There’s no doubt that she’s ready
for her tryout where she will impress the fans leaving them all speechless and in awe of her power!
13 min 26 sec Video (421MB)mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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