Welcome to Lethal Lorien's Page!
Hi, I'm Lorien, I love my level of fitness and strength and I'm super
excited to show it off on this fantastic website. Being strong brings
me confidence and I hope everyone around the world realizes that
being fit is something to be proud of. I'm excited to prove that I'm in
great shape which my biceps surely proved when I took the
webmaster down in his strength challenge. I'm a strong confident
woman and I love showing it off!!
NEW! - Lorien's Flex Armwrestle and Lift Video
A fit female Kettle bell challenger named Lorien, grabs the Webmaster's attention at a sports expo. Lorien impressively  proves she's strong
enough to lift the very heavy weight 20 times but the webmaster challenges her to do a few strength tests which would guarantee her a spot on
the site. Lorien is up for the challenge with a smile! Tests include: ARMWRESTLING, BICEP PULLDOWN, and GAME OF MERCY. She also gives a
quick flash of her great ABS, flexes her biceps and her shows off her strong quads in victory!!  Although he's a bit humiliated after being over
powered by her strength, he admits she's definitely has the biceps and muscle to be a model on his site. She flexes and poses proudly and it's
obvious to see she's in great shape as her biceps pop and come out to play. After a little recovery time, he explains to Lorien that the true test of
a VT model's strength is if she can lift and carry a person. Lorien is ready to prove she's strong for real. She easily LIFTS AND CARRIES her friend
several ways including: PIGGY-BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, CRADLE and a very impressive SHOULDER RIDE!! She
passes the ultimate challenge by lifting and carrying the 180 pound webmaster-PIGGY-BACK, and BACK-TO-BACK style. Her friend wants to get in
on the action and eagerly shows she's strong enough to lift Lorien also  including: OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S and PIGGY-BACK. Watch
this amazing video to see how  Lorien and her strength easily impressed the webmaster to earn herself a position on the VT site.
32 minute Video
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