Welcome to Miss Luna's Page!
Hi, my name is LexiLuna but you can call me "Miss Luna". I'm
outgoing and love to have fun. The webmaster surprised me by
giving me a tryout and I surprised him after he found out that I'm not
only sweet with a nice physique but I'm strong also. I had a great
time playing his bicep and strength games. More importantly, I
proved I'm more than worthy to make the site with my strong and
sexy physique.
22 min 14 sec Tryout Video
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Miss Luna's Tryout Video
(with Flexing, Bicep Pulldown, Abs Punching, Game of Mercy, Lift/Carries Armwrestling, and Head Scissor!)
The webmaster is pleasantly shocked to meet Miss Luna at the gym while filming a shoot with the famous "Samantha Grace". Miss
Luna just so happened to wander into the hotel gym as Samantha's Shoot was finishing up. Miss Luna wanted to join in the fun and
show that she to, is strong enough to be a model on the site and loved the idea of showing off her strength. Samantha Grace quickly
showed her the ropes of Lifting & Carrying and before she knew it, she begins her tryout with the Webmaster. He doesn't go easy on
her just because she's gorgeous with a body to match. He puts her through the rigorous tests including: ARMWRESTLING, BICEP
PULLDOWN, ABS PUNCHING, MERCY. He also puts her through the lift tests including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, CRADLE and LEG
PRESS. Just as he begins to relax, he falls into her trap as she wraps her strong legs around his neck testing her own leg strength.
She ignores his taps as she's caught up in the excitement of her own strength and takes things too far. Poor Webmaster wakes up
to this beauty leaning over him celebrating proving she's strong enough to be on the site. You'll be just as speechless as the
webmaster was after watching this incredible video!!     
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Miss Luna's Bikini Flexing and Armwrestling Video
The gorgeous Miss Luna is back to show off her strength in this jaw dropping video! He's experienced in working with attractive
women but Luna leaves the webmaster speechless as she poses in her super sexy red bikini and heels. While he gains his
composure, Luna flexes in front of the mirror and shows off her perfect physique from head to toe! The webmaster decides to see
how strong she is with a couple of strength games, where he grows weaker as he can't help but stare at her chest including: Mercy
and Armwrestling. In an effort to give him a head start, she only uses two fingers against his entire hand but even that doesn't give
him an advantage. He just cannot stop being distracted. She does pec flexes during the match in an effort to make him mentally
stronger but instead it just makes him weaker. Luna proves she's perfect in every way. She's strong, sexy and an all around beauty
which brings out an attractiveness that everyone just loves!!  
21 min  39 sec Bikini Flex and Armwrestle Video
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Luna Video Package 1
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A burglar quickly learns the hard way not to break into a gorgeous sexy
woman's house. Luna is a no nonsense woman and she wants to teach this
thief a lesson he'll never forget. Her punishment is harsh as she restrains and
squeezes his head and body between her legs. She crushes his head between
her strong calves as he begs for mercy. She does a reverse head scissor hold
which grabs his attention leading him to be in more trouble as he can't help but
stare at her beautiful body! This burglar certainly learns his lesson although
there's a good chance he won't mind being punished by Luna all over again!
Luna is sexy as ever and ready to impress with her Lift & Carry Video. Not only is she
gorgeous, she's strong for real!! She enjoys lifting the webmaster PIGGY BACK and
BACK-TO-BACK style (all while the fans get a special view of her cleavage) Also included: BICEP
PULLDOWN and Luna doing push ups showing she's strong from head to toe!  
Miss Luna's Video Package 1
Luna's excited to prove she's not only the sexiest model on VideoTeasing, but
that she's strong also! She takes on the webmaster in an Arm Wrestling
challenge and after embarrassing him, takes on a bigger guy who's shocked to
find out how strong she is. The men challenge her to a 2-on-1 match feeling
that there's no way that Luna, wearing a corset and heels will beat them both.
Luna never loses her pretty smile as she takes them on. Sure enough, she
brings them down and does some victory posing and flexing. The webmaster
gives it one last shot when he runs into her later in the day but Luna's strength
and beauty prove to be just too much for him to handle.
Miss Luna's Scissor The Burglar Video
Miss Luna's 2 on 1 Arm Wrestling Video
Miss Luna's Piggy Back Video
Luna Video Package 1
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9 min 35 sec Arm Wrestling Video
6 min 11 sec Scissoring Video
5 min 16 sec Piggy Back Video
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Gorgeous Miss Luna makes another very welcomed appearance on VideoTeasing. It's been a year since we've seen her and
although she's just as beautiful as ever she needs to be re-certified to be on the site. She's very happy to oblige and show
she's certainly ready to take the webmaster on in any test he throws her way. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY,
ARMWRESTLING (where she weakens him by using her "Double D" distraction technique). They go Righty, Lefty and he even
resorts to using his two hands against her one hand. As long as she uses her secret weapons, he remains weak, out of
breath and ultimately humiliated. Miss Luna graces all her fans with victory posing and flexing while the Webmaster recovers
in shame. She shows off her beautiful feminine physique with a smile that goes for miles!! Victory is hers and she sure
earned it!! Includes Bonus scene: Miss Luna shows her seductive side as she struts her stuff on the red carpet at an
alternative modeling convention. She's sexy, strong, confident and loving it!!
Miss Luna's Re-Certification Video
(Armwrestling, Flexing, Mercy, and more!)
12 min  48 sec Video
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