Welcome to the page of LunaMons!
Hi all, I’m LunaMons. My journey to grow my boobs is underway
and I’m having the best time of my life along the way!! I’m currently a
bra size of 34-S....and that’s not a typo folks!!
Expressing and showing off my femininity through my chest brings
out my confidence in a way that makes me want to do it more and
more!! It’s hard to see as your eyes will always be drawn to my
chest but my physique isn’t anything not to be proud of also. My
biceps and legs are muscular and my small waist size adds to my
entirely shapely physique which is in great shape!!
Looking forward to doing many more videos for all the fans.
LunaMons Meet, Drool, and ArmWrestle!
The webmaster was stunned and speechless the moment LunaMons’ voluptuous physique caught his attention at a
fitness show. Surely, her physique made everyone’s jaw hit the floor!! She’s certainly not shy and she's excited to talk
about her journey to expand her chest larger and larger!! Being an armwrestling purist, the webmaster isn’t gonna let
her amazingly heaving chest get in his way of putting her to the test and challenges her to a match. Her huge boobs
distract attention from her great biceps which are strong and ready to put him down. They go RIGHTY, LEFTY, and her
TWO FINGERS against his entire hand. He tries to look away and not get distracted but everything he tries fails as there
is no way he can help but get weaker with each stare at her chest which will leave the fans speechless after watching
this video also!! For good measure, he does a quick BICEP-PULLDOWN test but they stay put leaving him defeated and
yet full of excitement with this greatest find for the site and all the fans to drool over!!
LunaMons proves she’s sexy, strong and has the muscle power and certainly the model with the largest chest on the
site and in a class among some of the largest in the world!!
14 min 36 sec Video (588MB) mp4 format
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LunaMons Gives Miss Beefy a Tryout with Wimpy Watching!
We welcome back the famous “Luna Mons” who brought a new recruit to VideoTeasing. Luna knows her friend,
Miss Beefy. (a power-bodybuilder) would be a perfect addition for VideoTeasing. Luna Mons steps in for the
Webmaster (who’s too Wimpy to be up North to do the tryout in person) She is  certainly qualified to perform the
audition with her friend, but be warned you will be not only distracted by Miss Beefy’s beautiful and voluptuous
body, you’ll get a BOGO being distracted by Luna Mons’ bigger and more heaving than ever bust also!!  
Luna Mons follows the Webmaster’s strict tryout protocol. Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, PIGGY-BACK, And a  
REVERSE-STRAIGHT-UP Lift (Luna’s chest got in the way when Miss Beefy tried lifting her the classic way!). After
the fun, they moved on to ARMWRESTLING. (Luna beat the Webmaster at a previous fitness expo so Miss Beefy
was surely up against a champ) They go RIGHTY and LEFTY. Miss Beefy proved her strength. Both were extremely
distracting to each other and will be to anyone watching, making it hard to concentrate on the actual match. Both
showed off and admired their own and also each other’s very-womanly physiques and enjoyed doing so. Sure to
say, Miss Beefy passed with flying colors.
12 min 27 sec Video (285MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - LunaMons versus Wimpy - the Rematch
Bigger Bust, Bigger Muscle!
The famous Luna Mons, surprisingly runs into the Wimpy Webmaster at a another fitness show and she makes his day
turninto a “BIG BUST” after they re-connect!! She’s grown so much!! Bigger chest, with more defined biceps and tight
legs. Everywhere she goes, she causes a stir and she gets a kick out of the attention.
Being the professional he is, the Webmaster attempts to avoid Luna’s big distractions and challenges her to an ARM-
WRESTLING rematch to see if her new and improved biceps are as strong as they look. First, they do a preview BICEP-
PULLDOWN test (which should of given him a taste of what he was up against). Next, they get down to business.
Includes: LEFTY, RIGHTY and his pathetic attempts in using TWO-HANDS. Nothing he tries even budges Luna’s strong
biceps leaving him exhausted and worse, humiliated. As if he hasn’t had enough, Luna weakens him more by showing
her tank top which reveals even more and makes his jaw drop, leaving him completely speechless!!  They go another
round but he never stood a chance (even when she only used one finger and even no fingers against his entire
hand) She drains all his energy, as you’ll see why, from his POV. Once again, Luna proves she is a real knockout in so
many ways, but most impressively with her huge bust which has the power to take on anyone who dare tries.
13 min 2 sec Video (522MB) mp4 format
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