Welcome to Lyla Lali's Page!
Hi, I'm Lyla Lali. I'm a yogi who loves to live the natural life. I'm proud of
my body and I'm glad that I'm on VideoTeasing.com.  The Webmaster
didn't need much convincing to make me a model of his site. I had a
great time during my tryout and the webmaster quickly found out that
I'm more than a pretty face with a Perfect 10 body!  Come watch my
videos so we can get to know one another.
NEW! - Lyla Lali's Tryout Video
(Bicep Flexing, Armwrestling, Mercy,  Leg Press, Piggyback, Abs Punching, Scissoring and more!)
Lylalali catches the Webmaster's eye at a hotel. The Webmaster can see that her physique and  beauty are a perfect fit to be on his
site. The Webmaster quickly admits to her that she can have a position on the site but just the same, he puts her through a tryout.
Lylalali quickly shows her dominant personality as she starts to run the show by telling the Webmaster how he should conduct the
tryout. Her strong personality along with her beauty and biceps leave the webmaster speechless and like putty in her hands. The tryout
includes: Bicep Pulldown, ArmWrestling, Mercy & Arm to Arm Tug of War  (all while Lylalali wears high heels) Lylalali does her "happy
dance" which shows off her  busty chest making Wimpy even weaker and speechless! Other tests include: Abs punching. Lylalai's Abs
prove to be made of steel and she even gives Wimpy a taste of his own medicine by punching his abs, knocking the wind out of him!!
Only the busty, bicep beauty Lylalali, can make the Webmaster lose control of the tryout. Lylalali proves she's strong for real as she
manages the LEG PRESS and  PIGGY BACK & BACK TO BACK lifts like a pro. She leaves the Webmaster no choice but to beg to be put
down. As a final test, Wimpy puts Lylalali's legs to the test with a Scissor test. (as you will see, Wimpy ended up being sorry he doubted
her leg strength) Her muscular legs, pins his body and neck leaving him begging for mercy and his breath!! Lylalali had no doubt she
would prove her strength and the Webmaster was reminded never to doubt a strong sexy woman.
40 minute Tryout Video (large file)
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Lyla takes her fitness and yoga routine seriously but she has fun with it also. She lets you watch as she
stretches every part of her beautifully fit physique....in her high heels and sexy outfit, of course!! Lyla Lali
knows you can never get enough of her so included is a tease bonus. Lyla Lali gives you a close-up look
while she flexes and kisses her strong biceps. She includes a leg tease while wearing her sexy high heels.
Lyalali saves the best for last with a very sexy chest tease!! You won't be able to take your eyes off her!!
Lyla Lali Yoga Video plus Tease Video (Bicep, Leg, Chest)
6 min 10 sec Yoga video
4 min 39 sec Tease video
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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