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23 minute Tryout Video
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NEW! - Lyndsay's Tryout Video
Lyndsay, a tall cute college girl, is curious  about the world of female muscle and strength after looking over the webmaster's
shoulder as he's working.  She requests a Tryout for the site. Lyndsay turns out to be shockingly strong as she shows how easily
she beats the webmaster in Armwrestling and how easy she is able to lift and carry her boyfriend. But her most devastating
strength is in her long and powerful legs as she puts her boyfriend out with some great head and body scissors.
Hi, I'm Lyndsay. I 'm over 6 feet tall in heels and I think being a
physically strong  girl is the coolest thing!  I love lifting, carrying and
squeezing guys between my legs.  I am so glad I found this site so I can
have the opportunity to show off my strength to guys who appreciate it.
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