Welcome to Machine Gun Madison's Page!
Hi, I'm Madison. I'm strong and fun and just love showing off what
I can do. Being a wrestler has certainly helped me keep fit and
given me the confidence to keep up with the boys. I loved
showing off my feminine physique on the red carpet and equally,
if not more, loved showing off my strength! I'm hoping all the fans
watch my Tryout video to see how I got the nickname "Machine
Gun Madison" and I'm looking forward to making more in the
future for all to enjoy!
Madison's Tryout Video in Hi-Res
Her hot outfit was surely eye opening on the red carpet of a modeling convention but her perfect popping
biceps stole the show for the Webmaster. Always on the lookout for new models for the site, Madison is
certainly attractive but the only way to prove she's strong enough is by going through the official tryout which
she's confident she'll pass with flying colors.
Included: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY (his Two Hands against her One Hand), and ARMWRESTLING-
(Righty/Lefty and his cheating using two hands doesn't even put a dent in her powerful muscle force) all while
wearing high heels!! Madison is still full of energy as she shows her true potential with the LIFT & CARRIES
are impressive also and show they can take punches like a pro, without even a flinch!! As a grand finale, her
leg strength is put to the test as she head & body scissors the webmaster showing him no mercy, leaving him
speechless and sorry he ever doubted her strength. Welcome to VideoTeasing Madison, your muscle,
strength and beauty certainly earned it!!
27 min 33 sec Video (1.06GB)
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Madison's BTS and Extras Video in Hi-Res
Go Behind the Scenes as the Webmaster tests and preps Madison before her tryout to see her true strength and what she's
capable of. She's eager to show she can take anything on and sails through the practice run which includes: ABS PUNCHING,
webmaster tests her leg strength as she SCISSORS him to get a real gauge of her strength and to determine how much he can
really take assuring she doesn't squeeze harder during the tryout. Also includes: BICEP FLEXING (where she discovers her
bicep pop) , BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY.
Madison also stars in a very fun Pizza Boy skit where she convinces a "pizza boy" to give her pizza for free in exchange for a
show, knowing his weakness is strong muscle, especially bicep flexing! Also includes another great Scissor the pervy old man
skit video where Madison SCISSOR'S a guy trying to take her tv, making him beg and scream for mercy, teaching him a lesson
he'll never forget! Also included: POST TRYOUT WRAP-UP which includes: REAL ARMWRESTLING where the Webmaster truly gets
to see Madison's true strength and her true leg strength which she demonstrates when squeezing a scale with her strong legs
and grip strength using a dynanometer. Madison is truly strong as you'll see in this very impressive and great video!!
23 min 27 sec Video (899MB)
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Madison's Schoolgirl Muscle and Strength Video
Class is in session and good old Professor ArmStrong is concerned about Miss Madison's failing grades. What can she
possibly do to raise her marks? She's heard that Professor ArmStrong's obsession is female muscle and strength. Madison
uses this little known secret to her advantage. She knows her strength will weaken him so she proposes a deal to trade her
failing grades for passing ones if she can win an ARMWRESTLING match with him. Chuckling and having no idea how strong
she is, he accepts. They go RIGHTY, LEFTY, and he even struggles using his TWO hands against her ONE hand. He's shocked
and confused and just can't accept that cute and sexy Madison is stronger than him. He takes back his end of the bargain
which really makes her mad and the student becomes the teacher and tells him how it's going to go!! She takes charge and
SCISSORS him several ways until he just can't take her strength anymore and she gets exactly what she wants. She earns
bonus points for her physical education class and LIFTS the well respected (and perverted) professor several ways including:
She teaches him a lesson to be good to his word, one he hopefully won't soon forget while earning straight A's !! She proudly
shows off how her hot, strong body earned herself a spot at the top of the class. She FLEXES and POSES in her sexy school
girl outfit and heels. Watch Madison's School Girl Video and you'll see how she worked her way to the head of the class!!
21 min 20 sec Video (836MB)
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Madison's Armwrestling Video 1
The lovely Madison returns to VideoTeasing headquarters. She looks great as always and here to say hello but more importantly,
she's here on business to show she's kept up her strength and stamina over the past year. She's happy to oblige to the Webmaster's
request for an ArmWrestling re-match to not only see if she's still up to the standards to be a model on the site but to try to feel like
more of a man since she wiped the floor clean with him during their match a year ago. Gladly, she takes on the challenge with great
confidence. They go RIGHTY, LEFTY, his TWO-HANDS against her one hand and then against her two fingers all while she flaunts her
amazing biceps muscles in his face, weakening him further, bit by bit!!  His final attempt to gain his pride fails as her strength
dominates him in game of MERCY and BICEP PULLDOWN! Includes: 100 percent REAL match between Madison and the Webmaster
where is very clear she's got great stamina and strength as she beats him fair and square.
As an extra scene, Madison takes on the pool boy as his curiosity peaked from hearing all the commotion from next door. He wants
to see how his strength compares to hers. Although his strength is a bit more to handle than the Webmaster's, she's ready to prove
she can take anyone on like a pro!! Needless to say, he walks away a loser (although he did make it a very competitive match) while
Madison celebrates another incredible win!!
19 minute Video (703MB)
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Featuring one of the most competitive matches ever!
Madison's Lift and Carry Video Package
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Madison gives us the pleasure to show off her LIFT and CARRY impressive ability
with the Webmaster (just as she does when she does with her lucky session clients).
She gladly warms up at the Webmaster's request by showing off her amazing ABS of
steel which are defined enough to count a six pack and can take his punches while
keeping her adorable smile LIFTS include: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, FIREMAN'S,
OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE and DEAD MAN'S with great ease!! The curious pool
boy returns and wants to experience Madison's great strength (who wouldn't
right??). Full of energy, she lifts him STRAIGHT UP, PIGGY BACK, CRADLE and
OVER-THE-SHOULDER!!! Madison can do anything and everything with her great
strength and you'll see how in this amazing video you should be sure to watch!!
She's super cute in her school girl outfit and heels and looking to pass the time
while making your fantasy come true of being LIFTED and CARRIED by a strong,
sexy woman. Get ready for the ride of your life as you experience her power as
you soar in the air different ways including: UP IN THE AIR with ARM PRESSES
and enjoy the view from up there. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that you
will never want to forget!! Let Madison be the one to fulfill all your dreams that
you can only experience from watching this amazing POV Lift Video.
7 minute Video  (264MB)
11 min 34 sec Video  (445MB)
Madison Lifts Wimpy and the Pool Boy!
Madison's Schoogirl POV Lift Video!
Madison's Lift and Carry Video Package
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Get an in-depth look at Madison's world especially her SCISSORING techniques during competitive and fantasy wrestling. Her
biceps are one of a kind and truly amazing, which we all truly admire but in this video we focus on her powerful, amazing
quad muscles and strong legs. Watch as the Webmaster feels her strength and if you're interested in experiencing it first
hand, she's available for private wrestling sessions at your own risk!! She shows off different Scissorholds where the
Webmaster asks her to respect his tap for real, not being able to withstand her full pressure strength including: CLASSIC
Biceps!! She's the queen of SCISSORING and you'll surely get to see why after watching this awesome video!!
10 minute Video (389MB)
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Madison's REAL Scissorhold Video
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Madison makes her long-awaited return, much to the webmasterís and all her fanís delight!!
She looks amazing with biceps that are bigger and more defined than ever before. Following his own rules, Madison must be re-
certified in order to keep in the great company of the most amazing models on the site.
Her confidence is through the roof, and after a close visual inspection by the webmaster she tells him to bring on all the strength tests
on his master list. By the looks of her amazing physique, she can handle anything or anyone that comes her way!!
Includes: BICEP PULLDOWN, ARM-WRESTLING,) MERCY (where she warns him itís her specialty since sheís a wrestler) and, all of which
she dominates him with her strength and more, including ABS Punching (where her 6-pack pops out and makes him speechless while
tending to his sore hand!!)
Her Amazing Strength explodes, during LIFT & CARRY Tests including:
LEG-PRESS, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMANíS, BACK-TO-BACK, and PIGGY-BACK, all of which she has endless energy!!
Sheís doing great with all the challenge tests and the only one left to be re-certified, is the SCISSOR HOLD TEST. She once again warns
the webmaster that sheís a wrestler and that her leg-squeeze strength is much too powerful for his wimpy body to handle. Not believing
her, he insists they move on to finish the tests and before he knows it, heís feeling the pressure of her legs (as she does multiple,
different position SCISSORING) He loses all sense of reality by insisting she squeeze even more, even after Madison and the camera
woman both get a good laugh when he canít even take a fraction of her strength. Heís finally brought to the point of pure exhaustion
while Madison towers and flexes over his limp body, celebrating her re-certification and return to VideoTeasing.   
31 minute Video (1.11GB) mp4 format
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Madison's Return to VideoTeasing Video! (The Re-certification!)
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Madison's Assorted Video Package 1
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4 minutes sec Video (133MB) mp4 format
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4 min 53 sec Video (179MB) mp4 format
6 min 40 sec Video (252MB) mp4 format
Madisonís strong biceps makes the sweetest apple juice as she squeezes and splits an
apple in half using her pure muscle!! She flexes caresses and kisses each curve and peak
making us all thirsty and wanting more. She knows you want a taste and just loves to tease
your strongest desires!!
It takes a lot of nerve and stupidity for a burglar to break into a strong womanís house!! This is exactly what happened when someone tried to
steal Madisonís TV which gave her the chance to teach the robber that heíll have to pay for his crime that day making him wish he never led a
life of crime. Madison confronts him straight on and quickly puts this pathetic man in his place!! She takes control of the situation by restraining
him with a HEADLOCK, and SCISSORING his neck and body while he begs for forgiveness. His pleas for mercy energize her more as she
continues to squeeze him with her strong biceps and strong legs, she discovers that heís actually the webmaster in disguise and chooses to
teach him a lesson of a lifetime by giving him one final, strong sleeper hold around his neck and body which makes doze off into dreamland!!
Madison knows you like looking at her amazing biceps. She teases your desires as she poses and flexes her strong muscle. You
quickly learn that she allows you to look but as soon as you try to touch, she shows what happens if you break the rules. She sweeps
you into her strong arms and LIFTS you over her head!! She DEAD LIFTS you like a feather as youíre speechless from being in complete
awe and shock from her amazonian strength!! Youíre scared and excited at the same time! This is what youíve been dreaming of your
entire life!! A beautiful and strong woman taking control, leaving you completely helpless in her arms!!
Madison's Assorted Video Package 1
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NEW! - Madison's Apple Crush and Self Bicep Worship Video!
NEW! - Madison's Bicep and Scissor Hold Teaches the Burglar (and Wimpy) a Lesson Video!
NEW! - Madison's Look but don't Touch POV Lift Video!