Welcome to Machine Gun Madison's Page!
Hi, I'm Madison. I'm strong and fun and just love showing off what
I can do. Being a wrestler has certainly helped me keep fit and
given me the confidence to keep up with the boys. I loved
showing off my feminine physique on the red carpet and equally,
if not more, loved showing off my strength! I'm hoping all the fans
watch my Tryout video to see how I got the nickname "Machine
Gun Madison" and I'm looking forward to making more in the
future for all to enjoy!
NEW! - Madison's Tryout Video in Hi-Res
Her hot outfit was surely eye opening on the red carpet of a modeling convention but her perfect popping
biceps stole the show for the Webmaster. Always on the lookout for new models for the site, Madison is
certainly attractive but the only way to prove she's strong enough is by going through the official tryout which
she's confident she'll pass with flying colors.
Included: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY (his Two Hands against her One Hand), and ARMWRESTLING-
(Righty/Lefty and his cheating using two hands doesn't even put a dent in her powerful muscle force) all while
wearing high heels!! Madison is still full of energy as she shows her true potential with the LIFT & CARRIES
are impressive also and show they can take punches like a pro, without even a flinch!! As a grand finale, her
leg strength is put to the test as she head & body scissors the webmaster showing him no mercy, leaving him
speechless and sorry he ever doubted her strength. Welcome to VideoTeasing Madison, your muscle,
strength and beauty certainly earned it!!
27 min 33 sec Video (1.06GB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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