Welcome to Malika's Page!
Hi, I'm Malika. I'm a bit of a Tomboy and proud of it. Growing up wasn't about
playing with dolls and makeup but it was about hanging around the boys and
having real fun!! I never expected the Webmaster to invite me onto his site but
I'm glad he did. I'm proud of my physique and strength. I'm glad to show other
girls that we're just as important (and better) than the boys!!
14 min 32 sec Flexing and Mini Tryout Video
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Malika's minding her own business doing her pullups when the Webmaster approaches her. He knows biceps and he can
see that hers are very cut and defined. After she flexes her amazing muscles for a few minutes, the webmaster wonders
whether she is strong for real. The Webmaster puts her through an ArmWrestling challenge and Malika quickly shows the
Webmaster that she's strong and can handle him with either arm. Other challenges include: BICEP PULLDOWN and ABS
Punching. Malika sails through the tests and earns her spot on the site. As a quick test, the Webmaster checks out her
lifting abilities. She shows she's able to piggyback, cradle, and even throw him over her shoulder with astonishing ease!
Come meet Malika and you'll see why she's the real deal!!