Welcome to the Page of Mandy Muscles!
Hi I'm Mandy - I'm 5'4" and 115 pounds so I am fairly petite. People
sometimes think they can push me around like the Webmaster tried
to do to me in the park (see my Armwrestling Video).  Little did he
know the muscle I had. I think he was pretty much shocked when I
flexed my bicep after I beat him. I also studied Martial Arts for many
years so I think I'm going to be perfect for this site!
Mandy's Armwrestling Video 1 with Bonus features!
14 min 15 sec Armwrestling Video plus 2 min 45 sec Bonus
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The webmaster tries to kick a girl named Mandy and her boyfriend out of their pavilion at the park to do one of his photoshoots.  
Mandy agrees to armwrestle the wimpy webmaster to see who will stay and who will hit the road.  Wimpy thinks this will be a
very easy match considering Mandy looks very small and petite  - that is until she flexes her bicep.  Both Wimpy and Mandy's
boyfriend are both shocked as to how strong this "little girl" turns out to be.  So shocked in fact, the boyfriend even takes a
turn.  This match is a must see for all mixed armwrestling fans - destined to become a classic!  Included in this video is bonus
footage of 2 on 1 action where Wimpy and Mandy's  boyfriend take her on AT THE SAME TIME!  And if thats not enough theres
another bonus where a special WimpyCam is used so you get to experience part of the match through the eyes of Wimpy!
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Mandy's Flexing Video 1 in HD!
8 min 26 sec Flexing Video
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VideoTeasing's latest find in the Park, Mandy, shocks us all with her
muscles  as she puts on an amazing flexing display! - all in high resolution!  
You wouldn't think biceps like that could come out of a girl that petite.
Mandy's Strength Games Video 1
Lift/Carry, Abs Punching, Mercy, Bicep Pulldown & More!
12 min 30 sec Strength Games Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Watch as Mandy Muscles proves herself in these amazing feats of strength! She cradles and
does regular and back-to-back piggybacks without breaking a sweat. Wimpy challenges her to
a series of Mercy and tug-o-war games, only to get humiliated. She even overpowers her
boyfriend who's practically twice her size. They both try to pack a hard punch too her solid abs,
but no sign of her budging! She describes it as being a Tickle Me Elmo ! Mandy also does one
armed push ups just for you in this amazing video. Don't worry, there's tons of bicep action too!
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Mandy's Abs Punching & Stepping
Mandy's Armwrestling and
Bicep Pulldown Video
Mandy's Bicep Tease Video in HD!
Mandy's Leg Tease & Worship in HD!
10 minute Abs Video
8 min Armwrestling and Bicep Pull Video
9 minute Bicep Video
7 min 40 sec Legs Video
Mandy is back to Flex and Tease you with her biceps
but she makes you wait till the end before you see
them licked and kissed!
Mandy teases you with her shapely toned legs both in and out of
heels before she calls over a guy so the legs can be kissed and
worshipped as she feels they need to be!
Mandy  takes her extreme Martial Arts trained abs to
the next level as she not only has her rock-hard abs
punched by 2 guys but even has her abs stepped on
and stood upon by one of the guys! Amazing Stuff!
Wimpy, still reeling from his last humiliation from their initial meeting,
challenges Mandy to another armwrestling match followed by a Bicep
Pulldown Contest.  Hanging on to her biceps for dear life, Mandy winds up
dragging poor exhausted Wimpy away with her muscle at the end
Mandy's Video Package 1
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