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NEW! - Mariah's Mini-Tryout Video
16 min 41 sec minitryout video
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Mariah notices the "Wimpy Webmaster" and is interested in knowing more about his website. She seems to
be a perfect candidate for the site and is happy to prove it to the Webmaster. Watch as she takes on the
ARMWRESTLING challenge like a pro. She handles the BICEP PULLDOWN test with ease which leads the
Webmaster to believe that a sweet girl can also be strong!! To further show how strong she is, she takes on
her boyfriend in an ARMWRESTLING challenge which turns out to be humiliating.....for her boyfriend of course.
In an attempt to gain their dignity, both boys take her on at the same time in an ARMWRESTLING and she
shocks them by taking them both down!! But it was the Lifts that really impressed us as she easily did:
Hi, I'm Mariah. I consider myself a naturalist. I eat healthy and enjoy being one
with nature. When I met the Webmaster, I knew I'd fit right into his site. Being a
model on his site gives me the chance to play with the boys and show off my
strength at the same time. Hope you enjoy my videos as much as I enjoyed
teaching the webmaster that its' true what they say......it's survival of the fittest
and he better be careful not to become an endangered species
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