Welcome to Marsha's Page!
Hi, I'm Marsha and I'm really into fitness and sports. I practice Martial Arts
and it gives me confidence to show off my strength and muscle. This site is
up my alley and I had a great time with my tryout which was a piece of cake
for me but I can't say the same for the Webmaster. I'm glad to join the other
models on the site as we are a special group of women who don't shy
away from our strength and let it empower us in every way!! Looking
forward to making more videos so be sure to let the Webmaster know you
can't wait to see me kick his butt with his strength tests again.
The Webmaster finds a muscle beauty at his hotel gym. She's outgoing, fun and strong!! The webmaster likes what he sees
in her and she accepts his offer to tryout and earn herself a coveted spot with all the other strong models on the site.
She's into martial arts and soon shows him that she's fit and a great new addition!! She impresses him with her strength
with tests that include: DUMBBEL CURLING, ARM WRESTLING (including Righty, Lefty and even her two fingers against his
entire hand, leaving her smiling while he's struggling!!) She also handles BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY like a pro and
well-deserved pride! She shows why she just may be the next LIFT AND CARRY CHAMPION as she impressively lifts him
the ultimate show of her strength when she DEAD LIFTS him with the greatest of ease, and leaving the webmaster
speechless as this lift shows her true and great strength which only a small amount of models can do. Marsha isn't only
strong, but she's in great shape from doing Martial Arts which she proves in the ABS punching test. Marsha FLEXES and
POSES in victory, bringing out her amazing biceps and muscle for her new fans, celebrating making the site.    
Marsha's Tryout Video in Hi-Res!
Includes: Armwrestling, Mercy, Flexing, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry (including DEAD LIFT!)
25 min  38 sec Video (975MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Check out her Preview Teaser Here
Back by popular fan demand, Marsha returns to show off more
of her amazing physique and impressive strength. Follow her
as she demonstrates how she gets her muscles to grow and
get in peak shape as she gets all pumped up and ready to lift
and carry the webmaster. She impresses with her energetic
LIFTS including: PIGGY BACK (while doing dumbbell double
incredible DEADLIFTS with the greatest of ease!!  
Marsha proves she's fit in every way. She just finished her lift and
carry video and it doesn't even phase her that the Webmaster
tests her Abs. He throws everything he can at her fit and strong
Abs including punches, and a heavy medicine ball while she keeps
her beautiful smile and energy the entire time. She proudly
demonstrates exercises she does to keep her core super strong
and in top condition including planks which she can do for days!!
Marsha can proudly claim she's got abs of steel and no one will
doubt this after watching this great video.
NEW! - Marsha's Lift and Workout Video
in Hi-Res!
NEW! -  Marsha's Abs Video in Hi-Res!
20 min  17 sec Video (812MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after
receiving payment!
6 min  39 sec Video (262MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after
receiving payment!
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