Welcome to Marvelous Martina's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Martina. I'm an athlete in training for the track and field
Olympics. My specialty is the hurdles event which takes a lot of
muscle and strength. Too bad lifting and carrying the webmaster
and arm wrestling him isn't an Olympic event because if it was,  I
would have gold medals around my neck after proving to him that I
am, indeed, strong enough to be on the site.
NEW! - Martina's Tryout Video
Arm Wrestling, Abs Punching, Lift & Carry, Mercy, Scissoring and lots more! (extra long video!)
The Webmaster meets Martina, a beautiful fit track and field athlete, working out at the park. Her fun personality and great physique
draw him in and her incredible level of fitness peaks his interest after she easily surpasses him during a running and pull-up
challenge earning her an invitation to do a tryout at VideoTeasing headquarters. She shows up in her sexy sports outfit and heels
which highlight her impressive physique. She's ready for her tryout which includes: ARMWWRESTLING (righty & lefty and his two
hands against her one hand), BICEP PULLDOWN and GAME OF MERCY in which she insists on keeping on her high heels! The
webmaster's hand bounces off her six pack rock-hard abs during the ABS PUNCHING test while she never loses her incredible smile.
Her true strength is showcased in the LIFT & CARRY tests including: LEG PRESS, PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER,
FIREMAN'S, CRADLE, and the ultimate....DEAD LIFT!!! (which very few girls on the site have been able to do). Martina shows off a bit of
her athletic training as she long jumps ahead of him and does more push-ups than him with great ease. He puts her through the final
test of leg and body SCISSORING but before they begin she warns him that her legs are a lot stronger than meets the eye. Not
believing her full potential, he laughs at her which turns out to be a big mistake!! She wraps her legs around his torso and later his
neck. She ignores his taps just as he's instructed her to do ultimately leaving him groggy and sorry he ever doubted her strength
while she rightfully celebrates making the site. Welcome to VideoTeasing Martina, you certainly earned it!!  
44 minute Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Martina's Flex and Interview (Hi Res!)
Martina's personality shines through as she shares all about her Olympic trials and future plans.
Martina poses and flexes in sexy high heels as she pops her biceps which are quite impressive
along with her jaw-dropping abs and legs. She has fun showing off her strong physique which is
perfect from head to toe. Martina also does a selfie flexing video for her fans which shows off her
warm personality, fun side and perfect figure!  
11 min 24 sec Flex and Interview in HD Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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