Welcome to the Page of Roller Derby Girl Mary Khaos!
Hi, Iím Mary. My favorite place to hang out is at the roller derby rink. Some people, including the
Webmaster thought that roller derby isnít real, but Iím here to prove that it is 100 percent real and
dangerous! Being on the derby team is  the perfect way to work out my quads, biceps and core and
donít forget itís the perfect way to let off steam.  Iíve been a tomboy my entire life. I used to spend
a lot of time with my brother playing all types of sports. I was even offered a spot on the boyís
football team in school but my mom said that itís not proper for girls to play with the boys. Now that
Iím grown up, Iím finally able to follow my passion of building my strength and showing that a
woman can take on a man!! Iím so glad the Webmaster invited me to be on his site, I always knew
my hard work and dedication to being fit and strong would finally pay off. Sorry Mom.
Mary meets the webmaster for a tryout. He warns her that in order to make his site, she will have to pass a battery of grueling tests. Mary insists
on going through with the tryout as she secretly knows she can easily handle Wimpy. She not only shows she can handle the LIFTING tests, but
she does most of them while doing deep squats!! (Lifts include: Firemanís, Cradle, and Leg Press) Wimpy admits Maryís legs are strong, but he
still needs to see if her arms and biceps are good enough for his site.  She easily passes the BICEP PULLDOWN test and then itís time for an ARM
WRESTLING test.  Maryís biceps donít budge!! The only one whoís exhausted is poor Wimpy whoís sorry he even questioned her strength. Wimpy
attempts to beat Mary in a game of MERCY but he ends up embarrassing himself as he begs for mercy all while Mary insists on wearing her high
heels. Mary has no problem handling the ABS PUNCHING test, her core is strong and fit. She also handles the arm to arm TUG OF WAR test with
flying colors! The Webmaster needs to see just how strong Abbyís quads really are. Heís not too impressed with her scale squeezing ability but
she ultimately proves that his doubt of her strength was a mistake and detrimental to his survival. She body and head scissors Wimpy. Upon
gaining consciousness, he has no choice but to admit that sheís really strong and certainly has earned her way onto his site.  
35 minute Tryout Video
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Mary'sTryout Video
Flexing, Bicep Pull-Down, Armwrestling, Mercy, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry, Scissoring and more!
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The Webmaster was so impressed with Maryís tryout that he invited her back to show off more of her
LIFTING & CARRYING abilities. As usual, Mary is confident and up to the challenge. Mary impresses the
Webmaster as she does donkey CALF RAISES with him on her back. She seems to have an obsession
with deep squatting anything or anyone she lifts. LIFTS include: piggy back- while deep squatting, cradle,
deep squatted firemanís carry, over the shoulder, and full leg press lifts (which really impressed the
webmaster). Youíll be impressed and perhaps a bit intimidated by Mary after you watch this Video.
14 min 35 sec Lift and Carry Video
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NEW! - Mary's Lift and Carry Video
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