Welcome to Maxine's Page!
Meet Maxine, she's an MMA fighter and former bodybuilder. She's tough
and beautiful on the outside and a real sweetheart from the inside. She's
got an impressive resume which includes years of training in the ring with
people of all sizes, including guys more than double her height and weight!!
Nothing phases her as her strength and confidence go on for miles!! It was
VideoTeasing's lucky day when she introduced herself to the webmaster
and all the supportive fans of the site.  
6 min 22 sec Interview Video (62MB)  mp4 format
15 min 34 sec Audition Video (297MB)  mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
NEW! - Maxine's Interview and Audition Videos
Maxine puts her muscles and awesome physique on display to prove she's not all talk and
truly has what it takes to be a model on the site. She flexes her tough biceps and poses,
showing off her fit physique, leaving everyone who watches this speechless. Wouldn't want
to step foot into the fighting ring with her but you'll be glad she made the site so you can
admire her muscle and physique all day long.  
Maxine is interested in joining the ranks with the other top models on the site. She drops by, via
internet video chat to enlighten the webmaster as to why she should be given consideration to
earn a coveted page of her own on the site. She's an MMA fighter and bodybuilder who can handle
her own when it comes to handling whatever opponent comes her way, including the guys. It's
obvious she's in top shape and the real deal when it comes to being strong and fit with a physique
and muscle that is certainly amazing!!
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