Welcome to the page of Megan Jones!
Hi I'm Megan, I'm a Wrestling session specialist and I love what I do. I
knew I would grab the Webmaster's attention by calling him out on
YouTube. I had a great time during my tryout but I can't say the same for
the Webmaster as I'm pretty sure I put him out of commission for a
while. Maybe next time, he'll believe me when I claim that I am, indeed
one of the strongest women wrestling models he's ever met. Be sure to
let the Webmaster know you like what you see and if he's brave, he'll
invite me back to do more videos for my fans.
Megan Jones Tryout Video
Megan Jones calls out the Webmaster claiming that she's not a "wanna be" like all the other models on the site. The webmaster is offended by
her comments and he's ready to take her on in a tryout to show she's not as strong as she says she is! Megan arrives ready to prove she's
better than all the rest. She wears a sexy bikini, knowing the webmaster's weaknesses. She gets off to a strong start in the ARMWRESTLING
tests. They go Righty, Lefty, and the webmaster even goes Two-Handed but she puts down his wimpy arms even with all his feeble attempts.
Sure...Megan distracts him with her cleavage but you can't blame a girl for doing whatever it takes to win. The BICEP PULLDOWN and GAME OF
MERCY tests  are a breeze for Megan and to top it off, she insists on wearing her sexy high heels! Megan's eager to prove that her legs are
especially strong. She handles the LIFT & CARRY tests like a pro. Lifts include: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S
and CRADLE and DONKEY CALF RAISES with Wimpy on her back. After he's humiliated in a dumbbell curling contest, Wimpy tries to show he's
not as weak as he appears and attempts to bring Megan down in and ABS PUNCHING test. The only one brought down was Wimpy's spirit  after
she lent him her pink girly gloves to protect his weak hands. Megan is ready for her favorite activity....the SCISSOR test where she can show off
her super strong quads. It's not long before she brings Wimpy to submission with her strong squeezes of his BODY and eventually his HEAD
making him more limp with every powerful squeeze! She gets a bit carried away, ignoring his cries for help and Wimpy ends up dazed and
confused. When he comes to, he finds Megan's beautiful physique towering over him proudly knowing she made the site.
37 minute Tryout Video
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Megan Jones is excited to do her favorite scissor moves on the webmaster. She’s a scissor specialist and can’t wait to put the webmaster’s body
and head between her strong legs. The harder she squeezes him, the happier she gets. (Can’t say the same for the webmaster though he
certainly puts her through the test to see how strong she is in real life). She shows off her favorite moves with the webmaster as her victim
including: BODY SCISSORING where the webmaster can only hold out a few seconds while being trapped within her strong grasp of her muscular
thighs. Pushing his luck in being conscious after the body scissoring, he asks Megan for her NECK SCISSORING moves to gauge how much
pressure he can handle for real. He immediately realizes he’s in trouble the minute she wraps her strong legs around his weak neck. He taps out
and is shocked to learn she is strong for REAL!  She was having so much fun and wanted to squeeze his neck harder but he just couldn't  take it.  
She shows off some more of her favorite moves including the FIGURE-FOUR and a REVERSE SCISSOR holds. The webmaster does everything in his
power not to tap out but has no choice but to succumb to her great strength. The webmaster got a small taste of what she enjoys doing in real-life
and it was enough to see she’s certainly strong enough to take the air right out of him!
Megan Jones REAL Scissorhold Video
17 min 8 sec Video
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The girls are invited  back to do another great video. Little does wimpy know, they have an idea of their own this time and between the two of
them, they decide to if wimpy can pass their tests!! Being a bit surprised by their strong attitudes, he goes along thinking there's no way the
girls will ever dominate him with their strength. The girls immediately weaken him with their revealing sexy bikini's and heels. At the start,
he fails the first challenge by not being able to take his eyes off their chests...not exactly fair as they knew his biggest weakness would be
when they both flexed and bounced their chests!! The girls enjoy being in charge, and  challenge and taunt him in: ARMWRESTLING
(including 2 on 1) MERCY and ARM-TO-ARM TUG OF WAR (in their heels). The girls feel like having more fun at Wimpy's expense and decide
each take turns Lifting and Carrying him including: PIGGY BACK,  BACK-TO-BACK PIGGY BACK, FIREMAN'S, OVER THE SHOULDER, CRADLE,
and LEG-PRESS. He goes down after a surprising punch in the Abs from Megan and fails at his attempts to punch them in their rock hard
ABS. The girls continue to bully him and literally STEP ALL OVER HIM!! In his final test, the girls scissor his body and head. They laugh while
ignoring his pleas for help as he slowly goes out!! Looks like the girls beat him at his own game!!!
29 minute Video
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Megan Jones and Jemma's Strength Domination Video
Megan and Jemma demonstrate their true strength by Lifting & Carrying each other several ways
in this purely "Girl-Girl" lift video including: OVER THE SHOULDER, PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK,
CRADLE, DONKEY-CALF RAISES (with each other on their backs!!) SIDE STRADDLE, LEG PRESS,
FIREMAN'S and a jaw dropping lift as Megan does a SHOULDER RIDE as she does squats with
Jemma on her shoulders!! Watch these amazingly beautiful women as they show off their true
strength. You'll certainly be more than impressed!!!
16 min 28 sec Video
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Megan Jones and Jemma's Lift Carry Video
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The girls are relaxing after a hard day. They're surprised to find a creeper in their house and
decide to put him in his place!! They subdue him with scissor moves to his body and couldn't
care less when he begs for mercy! He doesn't stand a chance as they take turns scissoring him
every which way with their strong muscular legs!!  He surely chose the wrong day to peep in on
them and learns a lesson he'll hopefully not soon forget!
4 min 43 sec Video
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Megan Jones and Jemma's Scissor the Creeper Video
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Megan Jones and her friend Mia show how much fun being a strong confident woman can be. It's obvious that both models
are proud to be fit and in great shape. They have fun taking turns  LIFTING & CARRYING one another, having an ABS
PUNCHING contest, teaching Mia how to HEAD SCISSOR and then taking on the webmaster together in ARM WRESTLING. The
girls get a bit carried away and really wear the webmaster down. They do a two girl vs one guy match and give him the
advantage of only using their two-fingers while he uses his hands but in the end, their combined strength is too much for
him to take. As if he wasn't humiliated enough, they make him kiss their winner biceps and surprisingly put him in a head
lock that finishes him off as they walk away feeling victorious and proud of their amazing strength.
Mia & Megan Fun Video
Includes: Girl/Girl Lift & Carry, Abs Punching, Girl/Girl Scissoring, Arm Wrestling
18 minute Video
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You've got the best seat in the house....a priceless view of Megan Jones and Mia AnnaBella's beautiful busty physiques and
strong bodies. They fulfill your wish of being Lifted and Carried by both of them as you experience it from YOUR point of view.
First Megan takes you and lifts you Over Her Head as you can't help but stare at her cleavage. Next, Over The Shoulder, where
you get a great view of her backside, she then CURLS you in her strong arms and then hoists you Over Her Shoulder for a
Fireman's Carry. She lifts you other ways including a Straddle Lift. Your fun continues as she passes you on to her friend, Mia
AnnaBella who's ready to take you for a ride. First, you go Over Her Head and she catches you staring at her chest....focus or you'll
fall off! Next, she Leg Presses you where you get a great view!! She's got more energy and has fun Curling you. She also does a
Fireman's Carry and a Side Straddle Carry. She enjoys spinning you around. You're dizzy but can't get enough!! As a grand finale,
Mia & Megan both carry you at the same time playing and having fun. You're fearful and excited all at once! What a view!! Over
Their Heads, Leg Press, Curling, Over their Shoulders, Cradle Carry, and Piggy Back. The girls give you the ride of your life as you
experience their strength, voluptuous physiques, and a point of view like none other than you've ever experienced before.
Megan and Mia Lift and Carry You!  (POV)
10 minute POV Video
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9 minute Video
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Megan and Mia's Grip Strength Test and Game of Mercy Video
Megan and Mia's grip strength is put to the test. Each gives a squeeze of a dynamometer (a
device that gives an exact digital measurement of a person's hand strength) . They prove
impressive results but the webmaster isn't convinced of their true strength. He challenges them
to a game of MERCY. These beauties take him down while wearing their sexy outfits and high
heels leaving him swallowing his pride. Poor Wimpy, he never stood a chance.
The girls are up for an armwrestling challenge in order to prove they're strong enough to stay on
the site. Their busty bikini outfits are an immediate distraction making Wimpy weak in the knees.
He's speechless and attempts to take them on (Righty, Lefty, and using his cheating technique of
TWO HANDS). In a last ditch effort to gain back his masculinity, Wimpy loses all judgment and takes
BOTH on at the same time!! They further humiliate him by taking him on with just their TWO FINGERS
against his hands at the same time! Megan and Mia prove that their muscle, strength and beautiful
feminine busty physiques (along with Megan's PEC FLEXING) are a winning combination!!
Megan and Mia's Bikini Arm Wrestling Fantasy
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Megan and Mia Demonstrate Real Scissoring
The webmaster experiences Megan and Mia's true leg power (and what
happens in an actual scissor session) as they demonstrate their scissoring
moves on him.  He experienced pain and pleasure all at the same time. These
ladies are pros and just about the best scissoring models on the site. Watch
this video to experience these beauties in action.
Megan Jones and Mia Anabella have fun LIFTING and CARRYING each other.
The girls show off double the strength while having double the fun!!  
The ladies enjoy taunting and teasing Wimpy while they enjoy showing
off their strength lifting and carrying him several ways including:
CRADLE and LEG PRESS.  Wimpy is left a bit humiliated as they carry his
exhausted body off for a much needed rest.
Megan and Mia take matters into their own hands when a thief
interrupts their beauty sleep. They put his body and neck in several
scissor holds as he begs for mercy. Their leg strength is too much for
him and he promises to give up his life of crime. The ladies give him no
leniency and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.
Megan and Mia Lift Each Other
Megan and Mia Lift Wimpy
Megan and Mia Scissor The Burglar
Megan and Mia's Video Package
Get all 5 videos below for $29.95
Megan and Mia's Video Package
Get all 5 videos above for $29.95
12 min  55 sec Video
5 min  38 sec Video
12 min  55 sec Video
9 min  2 sec Video
8 min  56 sec Video
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Megan and Mia's Ultimate Video Package!!
Armwrestling,  2 Lift/Carry, and  2 Scissoring Videos!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Megan Jones Re-Certification Video
(Includes: ArmWrestling, Lift & Carry, Scissoring and more!
Megan is back and better than ever!! The Webmaster tells her she needs to be Re-Certified to be on the site. She knows it will
be a piece of cake and amuses him by going along with his request. By the looks of her (and she looks great) she's in perfect
shape and has the confidence to go along with her great physique which is brought out with her sexy outfit. She easily passes
the tests which include: HAND GRIP STRENGTH (using a Dynamometer) MERCY, BICEP PULLDOWN, ARM WRESTLING (where she
really distracts and weakens the Webmaster) and ABS PUNCHING. Also included: LIFT AND CARRY (Fireman's,
Over-The-Shoulder, Back-To-Back, Piggy-Back, Cradle and Leg-Press!) Megan saves the best for last as she shows she still has
what it takes to be the best. As an experienced Session Wrestler, she puts the Webmaster in some of her favorite SCISSOR
HOLDS (including Head and Body) that had him tapping so quick it wound up making Megan annoyed enough to just finish him
off and send him into la-la land!  Megan, you proved once again that you'll always be a star on VideoTeasing.
25 minute Video (937MB)
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10 minute Video (384MB) mp4 format
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Megan Jones Lift and Worship POV Video
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You think you're going to work out with Megan Jones but actually you're just going to be her
workout weight. She looks at you in disgust as you stare at her strong beautiful bikini body.
Megan then commands you to come closer so she can pick you up over head to start her
workout.  But dont worry, thats just the beginning.  Megan has a lot of other Lift and Carry
tricks up her sleeve before she's done with you!
Megan's Lift, Scissor Therapy, and Armwrestling Video
Megan Jones returns and she's sexier, bigger and ready to prove she's stronger than ever!! She's full of energy and ready
to show it by LIFTING AND CARRYING the Webmaster. She encounters a small problem though. Seems the Webmaster has
developed a fear of heights and is cramping Megan's style. Her frustration leads to her taking this matter into her own
THIGHS and calms the Webmaster's nerves by taking control over the situation by SCISSORING and applying pressure to his
neck and body with her strong and powerful legs. The "strength and pressure therapy" seems to do the trick as he magically
relaxes and she lifts him several ways including: PIGGY BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, STRAIGHT UP, OVER-THE-SHOULDER,
FIREMAN'S and DEADLIFT!!  Megan does amazing posing, in her bikini and heels and after recovering from experiencing her
mega strength, the webmaster attempts to redeem his dignity with an ARM WRESTLING match against her. They go RIGHTY,
LEFTY and her arm doesn't budge!! Not even using his TWO hands gets him anywhere except to humiliation and having to
accept losing to a woman....a strong, powerful woman who will leave you in awe after watching this amazing video!!
18 min 29 sec Video (707MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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7 min 17 sec Video (267MB) mp4 format
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Megan's POV Giantess Lift and Carry Video
Experience her power and you'll wish that giants truly ruled the world!! Be LIFTED AND CARRIED in
her strong and powerful arms and let yourself be at her mercy and strength!! She's in control now
as she lifts your little body up in the air several ways while securely being in her arms. Don't
worry....she's got you. Watch this one of a kind great video and feel free to enjoy this pleasurable
experience as only Megan Jones can do for you as she fulfills your true fantasy.
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9 minute Video (143MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Megan Jones Interview and Pec Flexing Video
The one and only, Megan Jones makes a surprise video appearance via Zoom on VideoTeasing and she looks
Amaaaaaaazing!! Her confidence is through the roof and after you watch this, you'll surely see why. She
catches us up on what she's been up to lately while showing off her jaw-dropping physique. The Webmaster
interviews her and can't help but stare as she shows off her new super, pec-flexing skills. Her muscle and
confidence intimidates him, leaving him weak and speechless!!  You're among the fans, lucky enough to watch
Megan Jones' super impressive video, reminding us all why she's a legend on the site.  
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Check out Megan's OnlyFans Here!
16 min 32 sec Video (597MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Megan the Giantess Lifts, Carries, and Scissors You! (POV)
Megan Jones is a Tall Busty Goddess who loves showing little men like you that she's in control in
this special POV video that includes a 3 minute behind the scenes opening. Megan loves telling you
how much stronger she is than you while she's lifting and carrying you over her shoulder, straight up
over her head, and cradling you like a baby.  If you're a good boy, she may even breast smother you!   
But she's not done with you yet - she wants you to feel the power of her patented bone-crushing
classic and reverse head scissors!  I'm sure you'll enjoy the view before you go nighty-night!
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8 min 33 sec Lift Intro Video (338MB) mp4 format
6 minute Lift Workout Video (238MB) mp4 format
7 minute POV Lift Video (278MB) mp4 format
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Megan Jones and Lucie Yang's Lift and Carry Extravaganza!
3 Amazing Videos!
Just when you thought she couldn't get any hotter and stronger, Megan Jones returns to do another awesome video as
she introduces her attractive friend Lucie Yang who's ready to show she's qualified to be the next model on the site.
Megan shows her the ropes, as Lucie follows after Megan as they both lift each other several lifts including: PIGGY
BACK, BACK-TO-BACK, OVER THE SHOULDER, and CRADLE!! As an added show of their strength, the ladies take turns
PIGGY-BACK Lifting the Webmaster with the greatest of ease!! Without a doubt Megan's still got it all and along with her
friend Lucie, they are an amazing strength duo!!
Megan Jones and her friend Lucie are enjoying the outdoors getting fresh air and burning off energy with a good Lift and carry workout.
Just as Megan is enjoying doingher favorite
pec flexing moves, she finds YOU lurking in the trees. As you tremble and get excited from her power, she gives YOU a good scolding,
teaching you a lesson you'll soon never forget. She takes you into her strong arms along with Lucie. Their beauty and strength leave you
speechless and in awe as they take turns LIFTING YOU like a rag doll several ways, including: DEADLIFTS,  ABOVE THEIR HEADS,
OVER-THE-SHOULDER, PIGGY-BACK, and SIDE LIFT HIP CARRY!! The ladies are confident they put the peeping Tom in his place although
who can blame him for trying to watch these gorgeous and strong woman as they show off their amazing physique for all to admire!!
Megan and Lucie won't let the pandemic get in their way of working out. Gyms are closed and they do whatever it takes to stay
in shape including using each other as weights to keep their strength and muscle in top shape!! They Lift and Carry each other
and give themselves a great workout including: FIREMAN'S, PIGGY-BACK, and OVER-THE-SHOULDER!! They go beyond their
workout and do Resistance training to build and test their STRENGTH, including: BICEP PULLDOWN and MERCY!! Watch this
amazing video and you'll see how Megan and Lucie keep up their strength with great energy no matter where they are!!
Video 1 - Megan and Lucie's Intro Video
Video 2 - Megan and Lucie's Lift Workout Video
Video 3 - Megan and Lucie's POV Lift Video
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Megan Jones Returns to VideoTeasing Video!
Bigger, Better, Stronger!
One of the VT All-Stars, Megan Jones makes a special appearance and catches up all
her fans on what she’s been up to and to prove that after all the years she’s been
missed, her muscle and strength are bigger, stronger, and better than ever before!!
Includes: ARMWRESTLING (Righty, Lefty and his 2-handed cheating), BICEP-
PULLDOWN, LIFT AND CARRY (Piggy-Back, Back-To-Back, Over-The-Shoulder, Fireman’
s, Cradle, Leg Press, MERCY (including a new feat of strength where he tries to push
Megan out of the way with all his might) and Donkey Calf Raises!! She really gets
excited showing off her specialty of SCISSORING. She takes complete control and
squeezes the Webmaster’s neck and body several ways, completely knocking the wind
out of him! The reunion went well for Megan while the same can’t be said for the
Webmaster whom she wiped the floor clean with during her demonstrations, proving
that her super stamina and strength are better than ever before!!  
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Megan is not the only one working hard (or hard at work)...she sees
that if she doesn’t take matters into her own hands, she’s never
going to get that raise she’s been asking for. She’s had enough of
YOU, (her boss) staring at her beautiful body and taking advantage
of her. The least she can get out of it is more money from you. She
takes over physically and becomes YOUR boss. She belittles you by
lifting and carrying your pathetic body in the air, leaving you
speechless and powerless. You have no choice but to fall like putty
in her strong hands. Promotion granted!!
5 minute Video (194MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Megan Jones Lifts YOU Her Boss! (POV)
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Megan Jones Flex Pose and Manhandle!
The Wimpy Webmaster welcomes the one and only Megan Jones back again to
VideoTeasing. However they have different ideas of what this video shoot should
consist of.  Wimpy wants to do his usual tests of Strength while Megan has gotten
a little tired of that and she wants to flex and pose to show of the incredible body
she's built in the last few months. Megan knows she's the real star but as she
starts flexing and posing, Wimpy starts harassing her like a pesty little gnat! Wimpy
tries to take Megan down by the legs, by the arms, and by the midsection but each
time Megan simply bats him away like the annoying little Wimp that he is. Megan
even has him tap out in under a second when he tries messing around with her
legs! Also beats him in armwrestling in under a second!  By the end Megan has
had enough of his Wimpyness and when he tries to jump her from behind as she's
posing, Megan simply turns it into a Lift and Carry exit for poor old Wimpy!
11 minute Video (420MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Megan Jones Returns to VideoTeasing Video!
Bigger, Better, Stronger!
Megan Jones Returns to VideoTeasing Video!
Bigger, Better, Stronger!
25 minute Video (976MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Megan Jones Scissor & ArmWrestle at Same Time!
Time is running out for his shoot with Megan, and Wimpy has to decide whether to do
an Armwrestling OR Scissorhold video OR DOES HE??  Megan comes up with idea of
doing BOTH at the SAME TIME!  In this first of its kind video, the only question is how
many times Wimpy will get put down in Armwrestling and how many times will he tap
out to Megan's crushing Body Scissors.  After thoroughly destroying the poor
Webmaster, Megan gives the fans an extra treat when she scissors a tube pillow
picturing it to be your head.  And if that wasn't enough Megan puts the exhausted
Wimpy into a devastating and neck cracking choke-hold! Video ends with a POV view
of Megan hovering over Wimpy's body in a Victory pose!
SPECIAL BTS SCENE is included at the beginning where Megan and Wimpy discuss and
rehearse how to pull off this one-of-a-kind Scissor and Armwrestle at same time vIdeo!
11 min 35 sec Video (436MB) mp4 format
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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