Welcome to Mile High Mikayla's Page!
Hi, I”m Mikayla AKA “Mile High Mikayla”. I’m known
for my 6’4” tall physique and for my size 16 feet!! Besides my height,
I’m strong and currently building more muscle, especially my biceps,
as I’ve begun to compete in bodybuilding shows.
Life is short (no pun intended) so I try to have fun whenever possible.
I have a lot of followers on social media and being on VideoTeasing
is another way for me to show my appreciation to all the fans. I’m
truly honored to be called a legend and hope to encourage anyone
who admires strong, tall and proud women to feel welcome in truly
enjoying my videos and those of all the models on the site.
NEW! - Mile High Mikayla's Tryout Video w/Behind the Scenes
The long (and Tall) awaited video is fnally here! The Two legends - Mile High Mikayla and the Wimpy Webmaster finally meet to
create one of the most memorable and amazing shoots ever done for VideoTeasing!! We waited years to be able to produce a
video with Mikayla and you won’t believe your eyes until you watch her epic tryout video!! She’s super strong and ultra nice
with a gorgeous 6’4” physique that seems to go on for miles!! The webmaster gets the feeling Mikayla can handle her tryout
like a champ but rules are rules, and he can’t give her a “free pass” based on the size of her strong muscles alone. He’ll
quickly see he’s the only one getting tested as she sails through the tryout like a real, strong amazonian goddess.
Includes: a lot of SIZE COMPARISONS (hands, feet, biceps, etc.) and STRENGTH COMPETITIONS /COMPARISONS Including:
BICEP PULLDOWN, FINGERLOCK MERCY, (and you won't believe the size of her fingers!) ARMWRESTLING (Righty/Lefty/Two-
Handed/Mikayla’s Two-Fingers against Wimpy’s entire hand, with nothing he does (including cheating), able to budge her
strong biceps!!) and a 100% REAL match and REAL ABS PUNCHING, where she shocks him with her great stamina and strength!!
Ready to do more and full of energy, she jumps right into LIFTS & CARRIES which include: PIGGY BACK, CRADLE, OVER THE
SHOULDER, DEAD LIFT and LEG PRESS (on her size 16 famous feet, with a FIRST EVER, TOE to HAND Mercy match!!) The final
challenge is the BODY & HEAD SCISSOR tests where the Webmaster quickly squeals out his “safe” word!! Mikayla the
amazon's mile high legs are beyond human as the Webmaster quickly experiences while being squeezed to the point where
she reminds him that she passed the tests and become literally the biggest legend ever to land herself a place on the site.
32 min 33 sec Tryout Video (1.25GB)
8 min 15 sec Behind-the-Scenes Video (326MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
6 foot 4 inch Tall Legendary Amazonian Muscle Goddess Mile High Mikayla!!
Mikayla’s fun, outgoing personality really come out as she and the
Webmaster review what will be done during her actual tryout video.
No practice needed here as Mikayla eagerly does all asked of her
and more!! Includes:LIFT & CARRIES, SCISSOR HOLDS, MERCY, and
BICEP PULLDOWN. Her super strength is second to none!! You’ll
quickly see why the Webmaster was waiting for years to do a shoot
with this amazing Amazonian woman who’s a goddess to all!!
NEW! - Mikayla's Behind the
Scenes of the Tryout
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