Welcome to Mia Annabella's Page!
Hi, I'm Mia. When my friend Megan Jones told me she was a model on
VideoTeasing I just had to join her and be a model on the site too. I've
always been strong and in great shape. Meeting the webmaster and passing
my tryout was the perfect way to burn off some energy and show off my
muscle and strength. Megan was right and I certainly enjoyed proving that
I'm strong and can handle any challenge especially from the webmaster.
Megan Jones introduces the beautiful Mia to the webmaster for her very own tryout. Megan knows what it takes to pass
and she has complete confidence that her friend will pass with flying colors. The webmaster isn't so sure of Mia's
strength so he puts her through the tryout tests to see if she's really got what it takes to be a VT model.
Tests include: ARM WRESTLING (righty/lefty/two-fingers), BICEP PULLDOWN AND MERCY
(while Mia wears her sexy high heels), ABS PUNCHING, DUMBBELL CURLING CONTEST.
Mia's not shy and shows off a bit while she does some BICEP FLEXING in between the tests just to make the webmaster
drool a little bit all still while wearing her heels.  After the webmaster gains his composure from being
in shock over Mia's strength and stamina, he moves on to the LIFT & CARRY portion of her tryout.
back. The webmaster does one final test of her leg strength. He soon finds out that not only do her thighs looks strong -  
they are strong! She Body Scissors and NECK SCISSORS him and then her final move is a REVERSE HEAD SCISSOR which
completely shocks him!! Welcome to the site Mia, you've earned it!!
Mia's Tryout Video
with a cameo appearance by Megan Jones!
Includes: Arm Wrestling, Bicep Pulldown, Mercy, Abs Punching, Lift & Carry and Scissoring!
32 minute Tryout Video
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Megan Jones and her friend Mia show how much fun being a strong confident woman can be. It's obvious that both models
are proud to be fit and in great shape. They have fun taking turns  LIFTING & CARRYING one another, having an ABS
PUNCHING contest, teaching Mia how to HEAD SCISSOR and then taking on the webmaster together in ARM WRESTLING. The
girls get a bit carried away and really wear the webmaster down. They do a two girl vs one guy match and give him the
advantage of only using their two-fingers while he uses his hands but in the end, their combined strength is too much for
him to take. As if he wasn't humiliated enough, they make him kiss their winner biceps and surprisingly put him in a head
lock that finishes him off as they walk away feeling victorious and proud of their amazing strength.
Mia & Megan Fun Video
Includes: Girl/Girl Lift & Carry, Abs Punching, Girl/Girl Scissoring, Arm Wrestling
18 minute Video
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Mia's Behind the Scenes Scissor Lesson Video
(includes: Head Scissoring, Body Scissoring (with figure four and other holds)
Mia gets together with her friend and scissoring master, Megan Jones. Megan Jones knows a thing or two about scissoring
and shows her friend Mia the ropes. The webmaster agrees to be the victim as she learns the best and most effective
moves from Megan, the Queen of scissoring! Mia quickly picks up the new techniques she's learned. The webmaster
encourages Mia to give it all she's got to find out just how legs are for REAL so he can get an idea of how much of her leg
pressure he can take before he gets hurt. Mia quickly learns how to put him in various scissor holds including: HEAD
was winded at the end of the video and he surely got a good feel for Mia's strong leg strength and true desire to follow in
Megan's steps to become a true scissor expert.
9 min 27 sec BTS Scissor Video
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You've got the best seat in the house....a priceless view of Megan Jones and Mia AnnaBella's beautiful busty physiques and
strong bodies. They fulfill your wish of being Lifted and Carried by both of them as you experience it from YOUR point of view.
First Megan takes you and lifts you Over Her Head as you can't help but stare at her cleavage. Next, Over The Shoulder, where
you get a great view of her backside, she then CURLS you in her strong arms and then hoists you Over Her Shoulder for a
Fireman's Carry. She lifts you other ways including a Straddle Lift. Your fun continues as she passes you on to her friend, Mia
AnnaBella who's ready to take you for a ride. First, you go Over Her Head and she catches you staring at her chest....focus or you'll
fall off! Next, she Leg Presses you where you get a great view!! She's got more energy and has fun Curling you. She also does a
Fireman's Carry and a Side Straddle Carry. She enjoys spinning you around. You're dizzy but can't get enough!! As a grand finale,
Mia & Megan both carry you at the same time playing and having fun. You're fearful and excited all at once! What a view!! Over
Their Heads, Leg Press, Curling, Over their Shoulders, Cradle Carry, and Piggy Back. The girls give you the ride of your life as you
experience their strength, voluptuous physiques, and a point of view like none other than you've ever experienced before.
Megan and Mia Lift and Carry You!  (POV)
10 minute POV Video
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9 minute Video
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Megan and Mia's Grip Strength Test and Game of Mercy Video
Megan and Mia's grip strength is put to the test. Each gives a squeeze of a dynamometer (a
device that gives an exact digital measurement of a person's hand strength) . They prove
impressive results but the webmaster isn't convinced of their true strength. He challenges them
to a game of MERCY. These beauties take him down while wearing their sexy outfits and high
heels leaving him swallowing his pride. Poor Wimpy, he never stood a chance.
The girls are up for an armwrestling challenge in order to prove they're strong enough to stay on
the site. Their busty bikini outfits are an immediate distraction making Wimpy weak in the knees.
He's speechless and attempts to take them on (Righty, Lefty, and using his cheating technique of
TWO HANDS). In a last ditch effort to gain back his masculinity, Wimpy loses all judgment and takes
BOTH on at the same time!! They further humiliate him by taking him on with just their TWO FINGERS
against his hands at the same time! Megan and Mia prove that their muscle, strength and beautiful
feminine busty physiques (along with Megan's PEC FLEXING) are a winning combination!!
NEW! - Megan and Mia's Bikini Arm Wrestling Fantasy
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NEW! - Megan and Mia Demonstrate Real Scissoring
The webmaster experiences Megan and Mia's true leg power (and what
happens in an actual scissor session) as they demonstrate their scissoring
moves on him.  He experienced pain and pleasure all at the same time. These
ladies are pros and just about the best scissoring models on the site. Watch
this video to experience these beauties in action.
Megan Jones and Mia Anabella have fun LIFTING and CARRYING each other.
The girls show off double the strength while having double the fun!!  
The ladies enjoy taunting and teasing Wimpy while they enjoy showing
off their strength lifting and carrying him several ways including:
CRADLE and LEG PRESS.  Wimpy is left a bit humiliated as they carry his
exhausted body off for a much needed rest.
Megan and Mia take matters into their own hands when a thief
interrupts their beauty sleep. They put his body and neck in several
scissor holds as he begs for mercy. Their leg strength is too much for
him and he promises to give up his life of crime. The ladies give him no
leniency and teach him a lesson he'll never forget.
NEW! - Megan and Mia Lift Each Other
NEW! - Megan and Mia Lift Wimpy
NEW! - Megan and Mia Scissor The Burglar
Megan and Mia's Video Package
Get all 5 videos below for $29.95
Megan and Mia's Video Package
Get all 5 videos above for $29.95
12 min  55 sec Video
5 min  38 sec Video
12 min  55 sec Video
9 min  2 sec Video
8 min  56 sec Video
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NEW! -  Megan and Mia's Ultimate Video Package!!
Armwrestling,  2 Lift/Carry, and  2 Scissoring Videos!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!