Welcome to Mighty Michelle's Page!
Hi fans, I'm Michelle. A fun spirited all American woman! I've always been
athletic and played sports my entire life. Being fit is my way of life and I
love it! I had a blast trying out for the site and meeting the webmaster.
Proving my strength and showing that women can be strong yet feminine
was exactly up my alley. I'm sure you'll enjoy my videos and I can't wait to
do more for my fans.
Michelle's Tryout Video
Michelle is spotted working out at the park and is invited to do a Tryout. She looks fit but is she strong enough to pass the tryout?
Michelle knows her strength and Wimpy soon finds out just how tough she is during this video. Michelle easily passes the
ARMWRESTLING test. They go righty and lefty leaving Wimpy in the dust even after he cheats using two hands. Michelle sails through
the other tests of: BICEP PULLDOWN, MERCY, BICEP MERCY, and ABS PUNCHING. After she shames him in a CURLING contest,
Michelle's strength is truly highlighted during the Lift & Carry Portion of the tryout. Lifts include: LEG PRESS, PIGGY BACK,
BACK-TO-BACK, FIREMAN'S, OVER-THE-SHOULDER, CRADLE, and DONKEY CALF RAISES with 180 pound Wimpy on her back! After
Michelle carries Wimpy off to take a nap, she really shows off her leg strength during the SCISSOR portion of her tryout. She promises
to take it easy on Wimpy after she shows him her quads can squeeze 155 pounds on the scale but Wimpy turns down her offer to take it
easy on him not knowing what he was getting himself into! Looking a bit worn down from being body scissored by Michelle's strong
legs, Wimpy insists on her doing the ultimate head scissor test. She's afraid for his safety, but obliges and ignores his taps, as he is,
after all, the webmaster. Wimpy wakes up catching his breath as beautiful Michelle proudly towers over him knowing she made the site.
37 min 38 sec Tryout Video
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NEW! - Michelle's Lift and Carry Video
Michelle's invited back to VT headquarters as she impressed the webmaster and her fans with her ability to lift and
carry. This might very well turn out to be her specialty! Her legs are strong as bricks and she shows off more of her
lifting  abilitlies in the video. Lifts include: CRADLE, PGGY BACK (whle walking Wimpy to the kitchen), BACK-TO-BACK,
OVER-THE-SHOULDER, FIREMAN'S, and LEG PRESS. This Lift video leaves Michelle energized and Wimpy so
exhausted she carries him off Piggy Back style to take a much needed nap!  
10 minute Lift and Carry Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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