Welcome to MissLisa's Page!
Hi, I'm MissLisa and many of you already know me and know how much
I just LOVE to FLEX and POP my out-of-this-world BICEP PEAKS for
you guys!  For those of you who have never seen my muscles in action
or if you simply just can't get enough of my BICEPS - sit back and enjoy
as you are all in for a real treat!!  Do you think I can pass the audition -
MissLisa's Audition/Flexing Video
13 min 47 sec Audition/Flexing Video (Webcam Quality)
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It is a real honor for VideoTeasing to have MissLisa pop her jaw-dropping unreal
bicep peaks for us in this amazing audition video.  Watch as she teases you by
seductively kissing and licking her biceps as they bulge to amazing proportions. She
even throws in a treat for the abs lovers too!  MissLisa knows that she has a body
that is meant to be worshipped!!
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MissLisa's Bicep Pump and Measure Video
13 min 34 sec Pump & Measure Video (Note: Webcam Quality)
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MissLisa pumps up her biceps  to incredible proportions before measuring them.  In an intense workout that has to be seen
to be believed, MissLisa curls between 20 and 25 pound dumbells for so many reps that we lose count. All we know is that
with each pump, her amazing peaks grow bigger and bigger!  She measures her biceps before the workout begins unflexed
and then again unflexed AND FLEXED after the workout.  Her final measurement will leave you speechless and awestruck!
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Weapons of Mass Destruction
Pump, Flex, Pose...my perfect recipe for
Orange Crush
Mesh and Muscle
Draining You...
Today's little game consists of me draining every bit of strength out of you.
Each time I flex I take more and more of your energy and suck it all up and
into me. You can see me get harder, bigger and more powerful with each
most muscular pose I hit. You will be exhausted by the end. Meanwhile, I feel
stronger and more powerful than ever! Listen as I describe to you what is
happening to both of us. My round shoulders, deep striated pecs and veiny
most muscular shots have you completely drained.
I get asked a lot if I can crush things with my muscles. The answer is very
simple...DUHHHH!!! (aka: YES!) I can squeeze the air of of things (including you
;-} ), crush people or objects with my legs, pecs, and especially my biceps!
Here's a little fun I had making my own freshly squeezed orange juice! I pump
the fruit between my forearm and bicep to really get the juice inside ready! It
makes the orange a bit soft, and harder to open up! But finally, with one final
squeeze, the juice explodes out! You can even hear the squashing sounds
when I bring it up close and pump it! After juicing with my bicep, I take another
orange in my hand and just demolish it! With one hand and only one squeeze,
the orange is worthless! Just a fun time! Just think if you had me and my
biceps to offer you freshly squeezed orange juice every morning!.
I have, undeniably, some of the best biceps around, and year round!
And there is also no doubt I love flexing, pumping and showing them
off! They definitely speak for themselves, but I love to verbally talk
about them, describing them to you while pumping, posing and
controlling them. You can see how they get bigger with each pump
and flex. I get up close so you can see just how they stretch out my
mesh sleeves when my biceps roll up into one big ball!
My body parts are my own personal weapons. In this clip, I specifically talk about my
hands, biceps and pecs. I love crushing things bare handed and listening to the
crunching sounds they can make. I take plastic water bottles and crush them into tiny
balls using only a single hand. I get this sort of satisfaction from the sound of the
bottles crunching in my hands. But it doesn't stop there! Imagine I bear hug you!
Imagine I take you in my strong grip and hug you tightly against my hard striated pecs!
Does it scare you? Or...does it make you feel safe? HAHAHA! Either way, I know I am
the more powerful one between the two of us. I rip off my wife beater and expose more
of my ripped and deep cut pecs. And of course, plenty of bicep posing in between!
My mornings consistent of pretty much the same rituals every day. The most
important one, my favorite one, is getting a quick pump going on. And with my thin
skin and year round lean physique, it doesn't take much to get me pumped. Some
quick weighted reps, hitting some powerful poses, hulking some most muscular
poses and some pec bouncing ...I can't think of a better way to start my day off!
And, with extreme confidence! I feel good! I look good! And like always, I let you in
my world and tell you why I love being a woman of muscle!
4 min 14 sec Video
3 min 49 sec Video
8 min 17 sec Video
7 min 17 sec Video
5 min 25 sec Video
MissLisa's Bicep Video Package 1
Get all 6 videos below for $29.95
Video descriptions have been written by MissLisa herself!
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
MissLIsa's Bicep Video Package 1
Get all 6 videos above for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Using my own pipes to bend pipes!
Don't you just get so annoyed by all those FAKE videos out there of girls
bending "metal" planks?! 5, 10, 20...pft, yea right! Flimsy thin aluminum pieces
is more like it! Well, real women bend pipes! And instead of using the traditional
saw pipe to condense these long copper pipes, I'm using my own pipes to get
the job done! That's right! Bare handed, behind the neck and using the force
between my shoulders! I get down and dirty displaying my strength and will to
bend and break these pipes! And once I get the feel for it, bending them
becomes easier and easier. Watch me get pumped, vascular and red faced as
I easily struggle to bend and break these pipes! I've got a lot of pipe laying
around and it's time to break it all down so it will fit in my car to take to the
recycling center. It's how I like to "GO GREEN"!!!
5 min 51 sec Video
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NEW! - MissLisa's Right Bicep Video
MissLisa is back on VideoTeasing and out to prove that she doesn't even
need both of her biceps to control weak-minded men.  All she needs is just
her RIGHT BICEP!  She slowly lets us explore every crevice and bulge of her
enormously beautiful split peaked muscle.  Yes, she knows what this is doing
to you and that it is all you can handle at this time.
NEW! - MissLisa's Home Wrecker Video
(Custom Video Request)
It's time we have a little chat...NEIGHBOR! You think I haven't noticed you from across the street, staring with infatuation and obsessive
admiration? Watching everything I do, whether gardening, taking the trash out, or heading to the store where you, "coincidentally",
happen to pop up at every single time? Well, see, I'm playing a game with you. I make more errands than I really have just to watch how
you ridiculously involved you are with me! So today is the day I confront you about your addiction to me, and your addiction to strong
muscular powerful women. I stand in front of you teasing and taunting you as I trace the lines of my hard body and lightly hit them to
show how solid they are. I can say this...you have great taste! And as a bonus, I get to let your weak, fragile, puny little wife in on YOUR
secret! Your desire for a strong, muscular woman like myself is at its peak. You don't even know your wife exists anymore because I
take up all of your thoughts. Images of me dancing in your head 24/7-365 days a year! I'm here not only to confront you and expose your
secret to your wife, but also to shove it in wifeys face! I want her to see what a REAL woman looks like. And how easy it would be for me
to rip you away from her at any given moment. I ask her to compare her fragile mushy arms to mine...HA! What a joke! I am so much
harder, so much stronger, so much more powerful and sooo much sexier than she could ever be! She quickly learns the reality that I am
SOOO much more woman than she could ever be, cries her little tears of shame, while I whisk you away from her! Sorry wifey!
19 min 28 sec Video
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9 min 45 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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