Welcome to MissFit Missy's Page!
Hi, I'm Missy, and I have many personalities.  I can go from being
your dearest friend to your worst enemy in a matter of seconds.  
You never know which one I'll be - in fact I don't even know which I'll
be.  The charitable me will enjoy flexing my biceps for you while the
other Missy may choke you out with them if you look at me the
wrong way.  Oh and one thing I really HATE is Cheaters as the
webmaster found out in my Tryout video!
Missy's Flexing Video 1 in Hi-Res
Enjoy one of the most unique flexing videos ever as Missy not only amazes
and excites us by what she does in this video, but she also shocks and
entertains by what she says as well.   Did we also mention that she has an
amazing fit bikini body and shows off some of the greatest bicep peaks
and flattest abs we've ever seen!  Definitely more of Missy to come as we
can't wait to see what this unpredictable woman will do next!
10 minute Bikini Flexing Video
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Missy's Tryout Video
Bicep Flexing, Dumbell Curling, Abs Punching, Lift/Carry, Armwrestling, Game of Mercy, Tug of War, and more!
When Missy came with her Male friend for her Tryout, the Webmaster was not too impressed - that is until she got into her gym
gear and Flexed her Bicep!  It was then when Wimpy's devastation began!.  Missy, at times playful while other times intense,
started by totally toying and humiliating Wimpy in ARMWRESTLING before beating her male friend also (who was chuckling in the
background).  Missy then proceeded to LIFT AND CARRY Wimpy with ease and take some of his hardest PUNCHES  to her ROCK
SOLID ABS before humiliating him in a GAME OF MERCY.  But it was when Wimpy cheated in the ARM-TO-ARM TUG OF WAR, was
when Missy lost her temper and applied a devastating BICEP CHOKE HOLD around poor little Wimpy's neck!
30 minute Tryout Video
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8 min 12 sec  Armwrestling Video in Hi-Res
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The wimpy webmaster not only has to deal with Missy's superior strength with her
very intimidating and beautiful bulging biceps, but also has to try concentrate on
the armwrestling match while looking at Missy's fit bikini body while she's dishing
out some very humiliating trash talk.  Missy really seems to enjoy seeing poor
Wimpy struggle mightily against her while she uses only two fingers at one point.  
Wimpy can't even budge her using two hands!  
Missy's Bikini Armwrestling Humiliation
Video 1
in Hi-Res
Missy's Video Package 1
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7 minute Tight Sleeved Video in Hi-Res
8 min 37 sec Abs Punching Video in Hi-Res
7 minute Bicep Flexing Video in Hi-Res
9 min 38 sec Flex and Armwrestle Video in Hi-Res
Missy's Tight-Sleeved Flexing Video in Hi Res!
Missy's Abs Punching Video in Hi Res!
NEW! - Missy's  Flexing Video 2 in Hi Res!
Missy's  Flex and Armwrestle Video in Hi Res!
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Missy teases you till you can't take any more as she slowly
reveals her bicep that are just begging to be set free from the
restraints of her ultra tight long sleeved red shirt.
Missy is sooo HOT in this video, she even has the camera man
breathing heavy!  Missy is real proud of her body and really
knows how to tease in a very sexy purple top, tight yellow
shorts and high heels.  If you liked Missy in her first flexing
video, you will absolutely LOVE her in this one!!
Wimpy is out for revenge in armwrestling after his humiliating defeat from their first
match.  However, the humiliation only gets worse for the poor webmaster as he
tries everything including his entire body weight with two hands to win.  But it is
useless as Missy just makes fun of him throughout and does what she wanted to do
in the first place and that was to flex.  Eventually Wimpy gives up as winds up on the
floor looking up at Missy in stunned admiration.  Great POV scene at the end!
Wimpy exhausts himself trying to punch and do any sort of
damage he can  to Missy's incredibly hard abs.  Missy taunts
the poor webmaster throughout and even does a victory pose
while stepping on his exhausted body at the end.
Missy's Video Package 1 in Hi-Res!
Get all 4 videos below for $29.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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