Welcome to the page of Sorceress Morgana!
Hi, I'm Morgana. I'm not your typical girl next door and I'm proud of that. I
love expressing myself through my outgoing personality. I'm strong on
the outside with a lot of strength on the inside also!! I'm most proud of my
abs and my legs which are shockingly strong, and also my pec flexing
talents! Looking forward to making videos for the fans and for having a
great time doing so.
Morgana's Behind the Scenes Video in Hi Res
includes REAL Head Scissoring, Lift and Carries, and more!
Go behind the Scenes of the Tryout Video and see Webmaster prep Morgana by first finding out
if they need a safe word for the head-scissor part of the video.  He then runs through some lift
and carries to know what Lifts to include.  Morgana's abs are then put to the test to find out what
her limits are and then finally the Game of Mercy is explained to Morgana.
7 minute Behind the Scenes Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Morgana's Tryout Video in Hi Res
Lift/Carries, Armwrestling, Mercy, Scissorsholds, Abs punching, Pec Flexing, and more!!
It's time for open auditions at VideoTeasing and Morgana, a surprise applicant teaches the webmaster you
can't judge a book by it's cover....at least not at first!! She makes him eat his words when she shocks him
with her outfit change. She's stunning, sexy and strong as you'll see in this video. She handles her tryout
like a true pro in every challenge including: BICEP PULLDOWN , MERCY and ABS PUNCHING (while wearing
a bikini and high heels), ARMWRESTLING (where she gets an advantage with her pec flexing distraction
and LEG PRESS!! She saves the best for last as she shows off her impressive leg strength as she BODY
AND HEAD SCISSORS him to the point of panic. She gets a bit carried away leaving him a bit confused but
surely agreeing that she's certainly proven she's perfect for the site.
26 minute Tryout Video  (800 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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15 minute Lift and Scissor Video (595 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Ladies love to lift and these best friends really have fun with their muscle and strength. JenniFox enjoys
a very impressive SHOULDER RIDE!! Morgana gets in on the action and PIGGY BACKS JenniFox and LEG
PRESSES the Webmaster also!! The ladies have fun and really bring out their true personalities as each
SCISSORS one another and also the webmaster to test who’s squeeze is the strongest. Both ladies show
impressive strength and ultimately prove their superior strength!  REAL Behind the Scenes Scissor Scene at the
end when things got a bit scary as JenniFox forgot what the safe word was when she was squeezing Wimpy!
Morgana and JenniFox's Lift and Scissor in Hi-Res
Get an up-close and personal experience with both ladies as you imagine them Lifting you and more!!  It's
the most fun and intimate experience you've ever had with two beautiful women as they give you the
attention you've always craved!! Get to see every angle and inch of their beauty while they have a blast
playing with you and keeping you in suspense of what they will do next. Go ahead and play along while you
experience the time of your life, one on one with two of the sexiest and fun women you'll ever meet.  
4 minute POV Video (159 MB)
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment
Morgana and JenniFoxx's Giantess POV Lift Video in Hi-Res