Welcome to MegaPeaks Mandy's Page!
Hi, I’m Mega Peaks Mandy and I can be a very naughty bicep tease when I want to
be and that’s always!  A secret of mine is that I love teasing men while making them
lose control to the point that they feel very dirty. I learned that my fit physique and
extremely big and strong biceps are very powerful in deeming men completely
speechless and in awe of my body. Ever since I was a teen, I used to sneak off to
use my brother’s weights and although I knew his friends were watching me, it
turned me on.  This, in fact was just another reason to work out. I craved the
attention and I liked it!!  A passion of mine is pole dancing which keeps my core
strong and also brings out my sex appeal which I just cannot control! I can rule any
man’s mind and make him like putty in my hands.
MegaPeaks Mandy's First Two Flexing Videos
Video 1 - "Meet the Peaks"
After blowing the webmaster away with her biceps at a Trade Show, the Webmaster pays Mandy a visit at her home. His intention is to put her through a
tryout but things went better than planned. The Webmaster becomes mesmerized by Mandy’s bulging biceps and loses his focus!! Mandy flexes her
enormous biceps. She’s feminine and extremely muscular…..almost too good to be true but the webmaster makes sure that her biceps are real by
touching and squeezing them.  Sure enough…..they're one hundred percent real!! He finds himself unable to stop staring at and touching her perfectly
shaped and huge bicep peaks!! Mandy explains that she is used to having her biceps stared at.  Watch Mandy flex and tease  with her beautiful BICEPS!!!
Without doubt one of the largest bicep peaks yet to be seen on a VT model who’s sexy, feminine, and loves to show off her physique. Don’t miss it.

Video 2 - "Kitchen Flex and Tease"
Luckily for the VT fans, Mandy’s cleaning routine is anything but ordinary. She loves to tease boys while her biceps get “dirty” (and only licks and kisses
can clean them!). Mandy knows she’s teasing you and her muscle talk is like no other you’ve ever heard or seen. You won’t be disappointed!!!
10 min 4 sec Kitchen Tease Flexing Video
10 min 36 sec Meet the Peaks Flexing Video
MegaPeaks Mandy's First 2 Flexing Videos (over 20 min)
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MegaPeaks Mandy's Armwrestling Package
Armwrestling Video 1 (w/Bicep Pull-Down and Game of Mercy)
Despite the Webmaster begging Mandy to stop flexing and distracting him, she continues to flex her enormous biceps. The Webmaster challenges
Mandy to an ARMWRESTLING competition. Mandy knows how strong she really is and the Webmaster soon finds out. Mandy is having fun while the
Webmaster struggles to gain his composure over her powerful and strong biceps. The Webmaster cannot take the thought of being beaten by a woman
again and even cheating doesn’t get him anywhere. The poor Webmaster is overpowered by Mandy’s strength while all along being distracted by her
perfectly formed biceps!! Did the Webmaster even have a chance? Also included: BICEP PULLDOWN, game of MERCY.

Armwrestling Video 2 - (The 2 on 1 match)
Mandy allows the Webmaster to redeem himself after losing to her in their last ARMWRESTLING match. Mandy’s boyfriend, (Johnny) makes fun of the
Wimpy Webmaster and thinks he can easily beat Mandy in a match….big mistake! Although the Wimpy Webmaster is glad that Johnny is getting a taste
of his own medicine, both Johnny and the Webmaster take Mandy on in a 2 on 1 ARM WRESTLING match. Mandy happily takes on both guys leaving them
in disbelief. Unfortunately, Johnny doesn’t keep his end of the deal and refuses to admit Mandy is stronger than he is…..see how Johnny pays the price.
Watch as Mandy SCISSORS Johnny’s head. Do you think he ends up admitting Mandy is stronger  and worshipping her BICEPS like she wants? Watch
and find out. You’ll enjoy this video as much as Mandy enjoyed taking on both guys at the same time!!
9 min 9 sec 2 on 1 Armwrestling Video
15 min 26 sec Armwrestling Video
MegaPeaks Mandy's Armwrestling Package (over 24 min)
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10 min 14 sec Lift and Carry Video
7 min 27 sec Squeeze and Worship Video
10 min 13 sec Gym Strength Video
The Webmaster thanks Mandy for all of her hard work but he tells he still isn’t
sure she is good enough to be on his site. Mandy knows she surely is more
than qualified to be on VT and she quickly convinces the Webmaster that she
certainly deserves to be a VT model.  Unfortunately for Wimpy, Mandy’s
strong legs and biceps are the powerful forces that ultimately convince poor
Wimpy that without a doubt, Mandy should be on his site. Mandy puts Wimpy’s
head in a BICEP choke hold and although you can feel the Webmaster’s pain
from losing his breath, he still cannot commit to putting Mandy on his site. The
Webmaster finally commits to putting Mandy on his site after fearing  losing
his life. Watch from the Webmasters POV what he sees when he returns to
consciousness. Reach up and touch her Biceps, you won’t be able to resist!!
Mandy has fun lifting and carrying her bodybuilder boyfriend. Mandy really shows
off how strong her quads are by doing many squats while doing a PIGGY BACK lift
with Johnny.  The Webmaster is impressed, and asks Mandy to LEG PRESS him,
after all, he wants to have a little fun too. Mandy proves that not only are her biceps
impressive but her legs are made of iron!!! Mandy takes the Webmaster for a ride
while she piggy backs him while doing squats at the same time. Mandy proves that
her calves are in super condition as she does donkey CALF RAISES with the
Webmaster on her back!! All throughout the video Mandy attracts you with her
incredible strength and seductive personality
Mandy shows that not only are her biceps impressive but that she is in excellent shape and
condition. The Webmaster joins Mandy at her gym. She shows him how she keeps her
physique in perfect condition. It’s obvious that a lot of her strength comes from her core.
Mandy demonstrates her pole dancing exercises in a very sexy and seductive manner….
she makes the Webmaster blush. The Webmaster isn’t very successful in trying to copy the
exercises that Mandy does, but she’s kind enough to give him a few pointers.  It’s no
wonder that she’s in peak physical condition but with a body like hers, it’s hard for the
Webmaster to concentrate on her tips.  Mandy wants to train you, can you handle it?
MegaPeaks Mandy's Gym Strength Video
MegaPeaks Mandy's Squeeze and Worship
MegaPeaks Mandy's Lift and Carry Video
MegaPeaks Mandy's Muscle and Strength Video Package
Get all 3 videos above for $24.95
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MegaPeaks Mandy's Muscle and Strength Video Package
Get all 3 videos below for $24.95
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
MegaPeaks Mandy's Apple Crushing / Bicep Flexing Video
12 minute Apple Crushing / Bicep Flexing Video
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Welcome to Mandy’s naughty garden. Mandy’s incredible biceps soak up the warm Florida sun.  Mandy teases
you…she knows you want to touch her very strong and sexy biceps. She wants to squeeze you tighter and tighter.
Mandy works up a sweat as she flexes for you. Mandy uses her powerful bicep peaks to crush an apple. She’s
feeling dirty as the juices run down her bicep from the mess she’s made.  She needs your help cleaning up. Go
ahead; you cannot help yourself as her biceps pull you in. She loves getting the juices flowing and her biceps will
squeeze you next!  Bonus Footage: Mandy uses her incredibly strong biceps and rips an apple in half with her bare
hands. You have to see it to believe it. Even the Cameraman was impressed and so will you!!
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MegaPeaks Mandy's 2 on 1 Strength Domination Video
20 min 37 sec 2 on 1 Strength Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
The Wimpy Webmaster admits he was embarrassed he lost their last match. Mandy agrees to his request for a re-match but she secretly
knows that Wimpy has no chance of putting her mega peaks down. From the start of the match, it’s obvious that Wimpy has no chance.
Johnny steps in to help poor Wimpy but Johnny soon realizes that he took on more than he can handle.  Mandy soon has both men in her
grip….she puts Johnny in a head SCISSOR while easily handling the Arm-Wrestling match with Wimpy. The only one enjoying herself is
Mandy as she’s in complete control of both boys. At one point, there is a 4 hands on 1 BICEP PULLDOWN as both boys try to pull Mandy’s
Bicep Peaks down with both their hands. Sorry boys….Mandy’s rock hard Biceps won’t budge. Watch Mandy get serious as she puts the
boys in a double headlock. The boys take Mandy on in a 2 on 1 ARM-WRESTLING match. Watch Mandy shred their pride to pieces. She
dares you to challenge her next. Watch out, her biceps are deadly weapons!! In a last effort to gain their dignity and manhood, the boys
challenge Mandy to a game of MERCY while she wears her heels. At one point, she takes them both on while she proves that her biceps
make grown men cry. Poor babies….looks like they had enough…..Mandy makes sure to remind them that Mandy always wins!!!
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MegaPeaks Mandy's Bicep Worship Video
13 minute Bicep Worship Video
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Mandy knows you love her muscles. Watch as she flexes her strong and
muscular biceps. Mandy wants you to touch her muscles. She wants to
put you in-between her rock hard bicep peaks!! Go ahead….she’s making
you watch her flex as you worship her and you can’t help but do as she
says. Watch as Mandy flexes for you while putting you in her bicep
trance.  Come watch as she shows you how much she loves being your
dominant muscle mistress.
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MegaPeaks Scissorhold Video
12 min 30 sec Scissor Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
Wearing her super sexy bikini, Mandy makes Johnny sorry that he’s a “bad” boy.  
Mandy shows Johnny who’s the boss by making Johnny beg to be released from
her SCISSOR holds between her strong and sexy legs.  Mandy enjoys making
Johnny suffer through her strong scissor holds, weather he likes it or not. Mandy
doesn’t like crybabies and the more Johnny tries to get away, the stronger she
squeezes him!! Watch as Mandy enjoys keeping Johnny in his place and only until
he agrees to behave and kiss her feet, she releases him from his punishment.
MegaPeaks Mandy's Long-Sleeve Bicep
Mandy flexes and teases you with her  strong seductive biceps. Her Biceps are bulging
as they want to break out of her sexy long Sleeve Shirt.  She knows her biceps are
bulging through her tight shirt begging to be set free.  Watch as she continues to flex.
She knows you want to touch them but she continues to tease you and before you know
it, she has you beging her  to reveal her perfectly pumped biceps! Mandy knows that the
combination of her buldging  biceps and sex appeal will leave you begging for more!!
MegaPeaks Mandy's Valentine's
Flex Video bonus
Mandy looks hot and sexy in her red Valentine's bicep
outfit. She knows you're a naughty bicep boy and she loves
when you watch her pump and flex her biceps.  This video
is a special Valentine's bonus treat to all of Mandy's fans.
13 min 42 sec Long-Sleeve Bicep Video
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2 min 32 sec Bonus Valentine Flex Video
FREE w/Purchase of Long Sleeve Bicep Video
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You're Mandy's son's friend and Mandy catches you watching her while she works out and flexes her biceps. As a
punishment, she orders you to watch every moment as she flexes. She teases you with her powerful muscular
biceps. She orders you to rub and lick her biceps until you just can't take it anymore!! She makes you her bicep
slave boy and you will do whatever she asks you to do. Mandy flexes her strong and amazing biceps....she knows
they're big and bulging. Come on....you can't help yourself. You want to reach out and touch them. Just do as
Mandy says and she'll let you worship her beautiful strong biceps! Be a good slave boy and do as she says.
MegaPeaks Mandy's Bicep Slave Video
10 minute Bicep Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Mandy's in love with her big beautiful biceps!! She can't get enough of them. She loves when you stare at her arms while she's
kissing and licking her rock hard bicep peaks. Go ahead....try to resist but you won't be able to stop yourself. Mandy loves teasing
you. Pumping and squeezing her biceps brings her as much pleasure as it brings to you. The more you stare at her, the more she
flexes  her biceps, making  them grow bigger and stronger. Mandy's biceps are naughty....they tempt her to flex and pump them over
and over. Mandy can't stop touching and kissing her strong sensual bicep bulges....she's addicted to them. She loves the attention
they bring her and she wants you to watch her. Mandy needs a release...her biceps are throbbing and begging  for your attention
proving once again that there is no naughtier Bicep Tease than MegaPeaks Mandy!!
MegaPeaks Mandy's Throbbing Bicep Love Video
14 min 26 sec  Bicep Love Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Nurse Mandy is an expert on weak boys like you. She knows you just can't help but stare at her big strong biceps. She
notices your pulse goes up when she starts flexing. She's got the cure. Just follow her treatment plan and she'll make you
feel much better. Go ahead, stare at her...she knows you can't help it. Go ahead, admit that you want her  big strong biceps
to be in charge of you. Don't worry, you're under nurse Mandy's bicep care. She's able to make you feel much better. Be a
good boy now and take your flexing medicine. See how long you can take her special prescription without overdosing.
Nurse Mandy is an expert in muscle addiction...if you feel you need a refill, give nurse Mandy a call.
MegaPeaks Mandy's Nurse Video
15 minute Video
Links to videos will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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MegaPeaks Mandy's WunderWoman Video
MegaPeaks Mandy is called to action as a Bicep Super Woman to take care of you, a bicep worshiper who needs her help. Watch as she
uses her golden lasso, making you her bicep worshiping bicep pet. You do as she says while she feeds your inner desires by flexing her big
strong sexy biceps. She knows what you want and with each flex you become more desperate!  Her sexiness along with flexing her
amazing big bicep peaks is too much for you to handle but you must wait for her permission to fulfill your deepest desires! Watch this video
and see how MegaPeaks Mandy - Bicep Super Woman takes care of naughty bicep boys with her strong crime fighting biceps.
17 minute  Bicep Flex and Worship Fantasy Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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MegaPeaks Mandy's Tryout Certification Video
The webmaster pays a visit to MegaPeaks Mandy's home gym and is immediately put to shame in a PULLUP CONTEST.  However, that doesn't
stop Wimpy from breaking the news to her that she never took an official VT tryout test and as a rule, every model must pass and be certified.
Mandy, a bit annoyed, complies with the request seeing it as an opportunity to show her biceps are stronger than ever with the biggest peaks
that the webmaster and the fans have ever seen!! She breaks his ego during the ARMWRESTLING test putting him down righty, lefty and with his
two hands. Her boyfriend Johnny jumps in trying to give the boys a win, but his efforts are crushed! Other tests include: BICEP PULLDOWN (in
which both men attempt to pull her biceps down at the same time), GAME OF MERCY, and ABS PUNCHING. Mandy shows off  her Lifting &
Carrying abilities including: PIGGYBACKING the webmaster and then, heavier Johnny. She impressively LEG PRESSES the Webmaster, finally
convincing him she's more than qualified to be on the site. Mandy insists on showing off her quad strength by doing her favorite scissor test but
he tells her it's not necessary as it's obvious she's more than qualified to be on the site. She won't take no for an answer and insists she did his
tests and it's time for him to do her test!! Before he knows it, her strong legs grab his neck in a SCISSOR HOLD.  There's no escaping for the
poor webmaster. Looks like she taught him that some rules are meant to be broken and to never doubt her strength.
25 min 21 sec Tryout Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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MegaPeaks Mandy's Pump, Grease and Bicep Measure Video
Mandy welcomes her fans back to her gym for another amazing video. First she measures her bicep unflexed. She then
begins by coming up with ways to make her biceps grow...she loves when you watch them get bigger! She pumps and
curls a heavy dumbbell as her biceps begin to pop!  She needs your help rubbing those mountain peaks with oil...don't
worry, she'll let you know exactly how she likes it done. You like her hot, throbbing greased up biceps....you can't resist
and she knows it! This strong sexy MILF continues to pump her big strong greased-up biceps for you....you can't help but
stare at her super strong big biceps. The more you stare, the more she pumps them. Her strength makes you weak.
She'll squeeze you with her strong arms as you begin to lose control. She measures her sweaty hot bicep again FULLY
FLEXED which has grown a full two inches thanks to naughty boys like you watching her. It's all your fault she's all sweaty
and greasy. Better get ready as she promises it will happen again the next time you join her at her gym.
15 min 40 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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MegaPeaks Mandy is back and flexing her big bulging biceps on her home construction
project. No one knows how to grip a hammer better than she does, nice and tight!  She asks
you to be a good assistant boy as you get close and personal to her while she pumps her
rock hard biceps up and down just for you. Be sure to follow her directions as she flexes
while you worship her amazing biceps. Mandy's construction site is one of the hottest you'll
ever encounter. Be sure to wear your hard hat or you'll risk losing your mind while watching
this very sexy video.  
MegaPeaks Mandy's Hammerin Biceps Return
14 min 38 sec Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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Secretary MegaPeaks's stingy boss keeps it real hot in the real estate office forcing Mandy to take
off her jacket to expose her biceps.  Thats when Mandy decides to turn up the heat on the boss as
she knows what he's drooling over as it is the same thing every man drools over when they see her
amazing bicep peaks.  She knows she can seductively tease you until you lose control.  Needless to
say I think a promotion will be in order for Secretary MegaPeaks real soon!
MegaPeaks Mandy's Office Secretary of Biceps Video
14 minute Video
Link to video will be emailed IMMEDIATELY after receiving payment!
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