Wimpy's trained eye for spotting concealed biceps strikes again!  This time its gorgeous
Fetcon model Mya Pleasures he notices after her red carpet appearance.  Mya is more than
happy to confirm his suspicions and show off off her spectacular biceps.  Flexing and popping
her biceps, Mya even catches the eye of another VideoTeasing model - Cleo!  Even Cleo has
to stop to touch and worship Mya's bicep while Mya is also very impressed with Cleo's
Cleavage!  But to be sure Mya is VideoTeasing material, he still has to give her a Bicep
Pull-down and Armwrestling test.  It turns out Mya's biceps are not just for show as she easily
takes Wimpy down a few times while having a little fun with him!  Congratulations to Mya and
congrats to Wimpy for finding such an amazing muscle beauty!
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Mya Pleasures Bicep Fun and Armwrestling Video
Hi Im Mya Pleasures. Im a pro in the fetish modeling world and
do a few interesting ones with scuba and holding my breath
under the water. Ive added bicep worship as a new specialty
after I learned there are many fans who truly admire women with
muscle, especially strong women with biceps.
Im loving every moment of it and having so much fun pleasing
the fans.  
11 min 32 sec  (208MB) mp4 format
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NEW! - Mya Pleasures Interview and Flexing Video
Welcome to Mya Pleasures Page!
Mya Pleasures met the Webmaster last year at Fetcon and blew the fans out of the
water with an amazing video. Shes up for more and jumps right into action in this
special part interview part bicep flexing video. She flexes and pops her amazing
biceps and makes the webmaster speechless...and hes seen a lot of biceps in his
day. She shows off just what the fans truly admire as she strokes and licks her
muscle peaks. Shes sensual, sexy and beautiful with a fun personality. Her amazing
physique with peaked biceps will drive you crazy...in the best possible way!!
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